Crop 210 Pictures taken in February at the Flowering Shrub Farm in Voorheesville, NY 12186 (links at bottom of page). We propagate and grow for retail sale many hard to obtain roses, lilacs, blueberry bushes, and report how we are doing to potential customers in the newsletters (larger plants are usually available for pickup during the plant sale). Click on the picture and it may open a larger version with more detail. 09:45

februaryfrontporch2012small.jpg & februaryfrontofhouse2012small.jpg

In January, February and March we are propagating plants from divisions and root cuttings. A link to the newsletter I am working on this month is at newsletter above. The pictures below with comments I am rewriting this month are probably from previous years unless they have been recently over-written.

february2015coldframesmall.jpg, february2015espaliersmall.jpg

Lots of snow that we shovel paths through so I can take pictures around the nursery. You can look at the coldframe at other times of the year by going back to my home page and scrolling down through those pictures.


Here we are totaling sales for the year so we can pay our sales tax and preparing our expenditures for the year to present to our accountant.

Took this picture on left looking up in the field on February 24 not yet safe to go examine the plants (note date picture was taken in lower right hand corner of picture). We watch for easy non slippery access into the fields without having to shovel the snow so we can go up and work on plants (maybe next week when Curt is here). The picture on the right with all the snow was taken on the 9th.

Lilac corner and lilac growth

I take pictures of lilac buds in spring to show how far along they are.

Two Pleasant Street and Cabbage Rose

In back are the fields with drip lines for the thousands of roses and lilacs we are growing. On the right above is a 'Cabbage Rose' cutting I planted in front of two pleasant during 2015. We mulch every year with composted manure but you see it here with the soil disturbed from having gravel thrown up by the plow in winter.

Cold frame & Lower field from an upstairs window

In the cold frame roses are stored in a cold box on the left that prevents mice and rabits from chewing on the stems (poison baits are inside and the box keeps pets out). I try to take a few pictures every week during the winter when curt shows up to help.

front porch

I rent these two apartments surrounded by my business of growing roses and lilacs.

february snow storm


We open the cold boxes to check poison baits. Because we dont sell plants until they bloom, mice can quickly remove the flowering wood for next may and june impacting our sales.

februarycoldframesmall.jpg, februarycabbagerosesmall.jpg

This Cabbage Rose; Rosa centifolia was planted in 2015 as an own root in a one gallon pot. We will see how long it takes to grow into a full sized shrub.

februaryaccesssmall.jpg, februarylilacwalksmall.jpg

Access to lower field is limited during those months when ice and snow make conditions hazardous.

februaryclosedsmall.jpg, februaryvoorheesvilleavesmall.jpg

februaryreddoorsmall.jpg, februarycoldframesmall.jpg

februaryfrontporchsmall.jpg februaryroseseedsmall.jpg

The apartments in this two family house are rented out but the front porch is a communal space where tenants or customers can sit and drink their coffee (my phone numbers are posted here for you to call if I'm out in the field somewhere or with another customer). Rose seed derived from specific varieties (painted on the side of the pot with a paint pen) is planted in one gallon pots and placed outdoors where they might germinate sometime next spring (they need at least 8 weeks of winter cold).


februarylowerfieldsmall.jpg, februarythefarmsmall.jpg

februarychores19small.jpg & februarychores04small.jpg

In the past, lots of snow.

februaryvoorheesvilleavesmall.jpg, februaryshovelvoorheesvilleavesmall.jpg


februaryespaliersmall.jpg, februarylilacrowcdsmall.jpg

februaryvoorheesvilleavesmall.jpg, februaryshovelvoorheesvilleavesmall.jpg

februarylilacwalksmall.jpg, bigroseispahansmall.jpg,

People track what I am doing, how plants are growing and what's new by checking the pictures in my free picture-newsletter. I add new pictures of many of the crops of plants we are growing, closeups of flowers, fruit, fall foliage on plants for sale, and pictures of our Nursery Operation, to the current picture-newsletter frequently at newsletter linked below. Send me an email telling me what plants you are interested in and I will try to comment about those varieties with pictures in the newsletter.

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Paid my server for hosting my web site on Feb 1. is mine until 2020 though I will no doubt extend that before then.

Annual sales tax year ends Feb 20. Have to pay state sales tax by March 20.