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octobercoldframesmall.jpg, octoberreddoorsmall.jpg

For the three months October, November and December we are preparing for winter and putting plants away pot in pot or in coldframes. The newsletter I am working on this month is at The pictures below are probably from previous years unless they have been recently over-written.

drip line and lilac corner.

Roses on drip line in the field that will be grown until they sell (probably for a couple years). Large Lilacs in 45 gallon pots that we add a couple to every week in fall.

propagation box and fantin latour rooted cuttings

October 7, I was waiting to be admitted to the hospital where I will start on chemotherapy. In the morning I went down to the mist propagation box where I had left some rooted cuttings by mistake.

Drip Line and Cold Frame

On left are roses on drip line that I label once they flower and attach a price sticker (then I take a cuttings picture using the variety name and it appears in a page for that variety alone showing how many of that variety we have as of a date usually found in the lower right hand corner of the picture). On the right are roses in the cold frame that are transferred to the drip line in summer, then back to the cold frames in winter.

a propagation box and a front porch

On left is looking inside the propagation box where we can see cuttings being rooted under mist. On the right is the front porch at the plant sale location in a picture I can take from my car.

october01ownrootrosessmall.jpg, october02ownrootrosessmall.jpg

Own root roses in the coldframe before being placed in the coldbox. Click the picture for a larger image where you might be able to read what may be the variety name painted on the side of the pot. When I first pot rooted cuttings I mark the year on the side of the pot next to the abreviated variety name I think it might be (if you click the image a larger picture will open where somewhere in a corner of the picture you should be able to read the date the picture was taken and the writing on the pots is easier to read). They wont be for sale until they have had a price sticker attached to the side of the pot next to the year first potted in a 1 gallon and an abreviated variety name (apo is Apothecarys Rose and Isp is Ispahan for example). Plants from seed on the other hand may have a price sticker attached pretty quick as we only use seed from one variety per flat. Check my mail-order page at;

october03ownrootrosessmall.jpg, october05ownrootrosessmall.jpg

These pictures of own root roses are taken in and around the coldframe. The number following the month has nothing to do with the date, it just allows me to have multiple pictures of ownrootroses. If you click the picture it opens a larger image where you can see what year I started growing it (you can figure out if its two years old yet) and if there is a price sticker on the side of the pot (and the date the picture was taken in the corner of the picture).

october06ownrootrosessmall.jpg, octoberlowbushsmall.jpg

Someone asked how should they order roses and I suggested they start watching my newsletter while sending me an email request (plants are not for sale until they have a price sticker attached usually $5 per 2 inch, $15 for a 1 gallon, $30 for a 2 or 3 gallon but the price will be higher if its difficult to propagate or in really small quantities). I will try to answer emails in the current newsletter. Once I get such an email I'll print it, add the month it applies to at the top of the page and place it next to my keyboard to remind me. This lowbush blueberry on the right is used as a source of cuttings (L13 indicates it was first planted in a 1 gallon in 2013).

octoberuprootedwinesapsmall.jpg, october01winesapsmall.jpg

One of our stayman winesap apple trees keeled over into the driveway during a rainstorm september 30. Everybody picked the apples to lighten the load somewhat so we could jack it back up again. As Stayman Winesap is a favorite of everybody here I hope that we will be able to save the tree without having to cut it back to far as that would reduce fruit production over the next few years. I am also growing this tree as espalier in the field but they are not as far along as this 30 year old tree.

octoberwinesapcleanupsmall.jpg, octoberwinesapreductionsmall.jpg

Reduced the lower branches so we can work closer (we will use house jacks to tip the tree back in place). Removed fallen apples and placed them in a 45 gallon pot (some apples will be used as cider others may be covered with compost and the pot dragged close to the stem where rain and melting snow can carry nutrients into the soil).

octoberwallpaperwinesapsmall.jpg, october01espalierpearsmall.jpg

Espalier Pear with the two highest branches being V-trained (the branches are trained in a V so they grow up vigorously, later they will be lowered and tied to the wires where they will put less energy into growing the branch and more energy into fruit production).

septemberworkshopsmall.jpg, octoberprojectsmall.jpg

Curt is working on the workshop where our Table saw etc. will be set against the wall, storage overhead. Tools can be pulled into the center of the garage when being used then pushed back after. The trailer, chipper and my 1978 pickup are parked in here during winter ("Old Guys with Old Trucks growing Old plants to Sell!").

soldtokelseypylesmall.jpg, octoberpotinpotsmall.jpg

These plants will have to be sent to this buyer bare root in spring. Pot in pot raised beds is where we over-winter stock plants in 7 gallon pots that we take cuttings from in summer.

octoberbugssmall.jpg, octoberbackdoorsmall.jpg

We germinate seed from roses every year in the hopes of producing something I can name after Mom and Dad. I have taken additional fruit from 'Schneekopf' and 'Prairie Princess' to stick in a couple weeks. I will label them as Schneekopf seedlings and Prairie Princess seedlings. Originally Willis in Afganistan asked about growing roses from seed so I started this page "roseseed"

octoberkoonzsmall.jpg, cuttingssourcesmall.jpg

Koonz Road in Voorheesville you can see the trees starting to change. Roses that we take cuttings from are placed in the sun on drip line in summer, burried pot in pot during winter.

octoberlilacstodividesmall.jpg, octoberlilacsfordivisionsmall.jpg

Moving the lilacs up to the farm where they are grouped together near the house where they can be divided in March.

octoberredoaksmall.jpg, cuttingsispahansmall.jpg

Received a text message asking after Rosa damascena so you see this cuttings picture here to the right. Click the picture for a larger image. I will only sell those that are two years old and has a price sticker attached to the pot. Started growing these red oaks so I can replace other red oaks along the property line. The weedy maples grow up as larger trees die and are removed so we plant the oaks and gradually cut the maples back as more shade is provided by the oaks.

octoberrosebaysmall.jpg, octobercabbagerosesmall.jpg

Here is a picture from previous years when we had many more seed grown Native Rosebay Rhododendrons than we do right now. I have collected some of the seed and we will just have to wait until next spring to see if it germinates. This Cabbage Rose on the right has been planted in the ground and will be used as a source of cuttings.

octoberespalierpearstepoversmall.jpg, octoberinbacksmall.jpg

Stepover espalier alternating between 'Bosc' and 'Bartlet' six feet apart on drip line. In another line I am training apple trees 'Stayman winesap' and 'Liberty' six feet apart on drip line.

octoberrhododendronmaximumsmall.jpg, octoberrhododendronmaximumseedsmall.jpg

I collect seed when the capsules are brown, place them in a dry envelope and wait for them to open. In spring I will start some in flats, others strewn together in one gallon pots.

lilacsfordivisionsmall.jpg, octoberespalierpearsmall.jpg

Branches lowered on Pear espalier (Bartlet on left, Bosc on right).

octoberrugosaalbasmall.jpg, octoberdelicatasmall.jpg

Roses on drip line that we use as a source of cuttings (variety name printed on side with paint pen).

october28small.jpg, october29small.jpg

octoberbluecropsmall.jpg, octoberdriplinerosessmall.jpg

Bluecrop Blueberry on left we will take cuttings from next year. Roses we take cuttings from on drip line.

octoberpotinpotsmall.jpg, octoberstoringrosessmall.jpg

In the fall we remove the roses from the drip line and slip them into pot-in-pot. We top dress each one with more potting soil up to with an inch of the rim. Later we will surround each pot with additional mulch.

Red Oaks

octoberthefarmsmall.jpg, octoberfarmsmall.jpg

I grow Roses and Lilacs until they flower proving the variety and are at least two years old. You can tell when plants are for sale because I put a price tag stuck to the side of the pot near the variety name and then take pictures. No price tag? Then its not for sale!

octobershedsmall.jpg, octoberpreparepotinpotsmall.jpg

Willis in Afganistan asked about growing roses from seed.

octoberrugosaseedsmall.jpg, octobergriffydogsmall.jpg



octoberfillingholessmall.jpg, octoberlayerstanwellperpetualsmall.jpg

octobernewtownpippinsmall.jpg, octoberstanwellperpetualsmall.jpg

octoberbluecropsmall.jpg & octoberbluejaysmall.jpg

octoberpinxterbloomsmall.jpg, octoberrosebaysmall.jpg

octoberblueraysmall.jpg & octoberkazanliksmall.jpg

octoberlowbushsmall.jpg & octoberpinxterbloomsmall.jpg

octoberrosebaysmall.jpg & octobersnowdriftsmall.jpg


novemberrotesmeersmall.jpg octoberscabrosasmall.jpg

octobersuperdorothysmall.jpg & octoberespalierpearfoliagesmall.jpg

octoberownrootrugosarosessmall.jpg & octoberespaliertrainingsmall.jpg

octoberespalierunmulchedsmall.jpg & octoberespaliermulchedsmall.jpg

octoberespalierlibertysmall.jpg & octoberespaliernewtownpippinsmall.jpg


octoberpinxterbloomsmall.jpg & octoberrosebaysmall.jpg


octoberrosarugosaalbafruitsmall.jpg & octobersemiplenafruitsmall.jpg

octoberamericanpillarfruitsmall.jpg & octobercityofyorkfruitsmall.jpg

octoberdortmundfruitsmall.jpg & octobernorthskysmall.jpg

octoberfantinlatoursmall.jpg & octoberfantinlatourfoliagesmall.jpg

octobergoldfinchrosesmall.jpg & octoberrosarugosarubrasmall.jpg

octobernewdawnflowersmall.jpg & octobernewdawnfruitsmall.jpg

octobermainstreetsmall.jpg & octobersouthmainstreetsmall.jpg

Pictures taken in the Village of Voorheesville that show fall foliage.

octoberfimbriatasmall.jpg & octoberharisonsyellowsmall.jpg

octobernewdawnbudssmall.jpg & octoberrosedereschtsmall.jpg

octobercrewsmall.jpg & octoberespaliermulchedsmall.jpg

octoberpotsmulchedsmall.jpg & octobermulchedpotssmall.jpg

octoberpickuprosesmall.jpg & octoberslippingrosessmall.jpg

octoberrichandcurtsmall.jpg & octobersortingrosessmall.jpg

octoberstoringrosessmall.jpg & octoberhosegravitysmall.jpg

octoberalongsidewalksmall.jpg & octobercollymullensmall.jpg

octoberpowderymildewsmall.jpg & octobermildewonpresidentpoincairesmall.jpg


octoberlilacsstoredsmall.jpg & octoberlilacstoragesmall.jpg

octoberespalierpearsmall.jpg, octoberespalierpearfoliagesmall.jpg

octoberespalierstepoversmall.jpg & octoberfarmsmall.jpg

octobercompostsmall.jpg & octoberfieldaccesssmall.jpg


octobersignsmall.jpg & octoberfrontofhousesmall.jpg

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