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novembercoldframesmall.jpg, novemberreddoorsmall.jpg

For the three months October, November and December we are preparing for winter and putting plants away pot in pot or in coldframes. The newsletter I am working on this month is at and includes a link to "what we do and when we do it". The pictures below are probably from previous years unless they have been recently over-written.

novemberdriplinesmall.jpg, novemberpotinpotsmall.jpg

Roses in large pots on drip line we have been taking cuttings from all summer will now be stored for the winter pot in pot (next spring sometime they will be returned to the drip line). As I take cuttings I make a note in my disease resistant rose catalog similar to "(14greenhouse, 7/15/15)" which means I took 14 cuttings to send to the greenhouse on July 15, 2015. I ordered 4 additional own root Autumn Damask Roses from a competitor for $125 so that I can take twice as many cuttings (two will be planted in 7 gallon pots and two more placed in the ground).

november03small.jpg, november04small.jpg

I sent out around 1200 rose cuttings to be rooted this year at a contract greenhouse, I should get them back in spring of 2016 at which time I will pot them up in one gallon pots and mark the year potted and what variety I suspect them to be on the side of the pot with a paint pen (I took another thousand cuttings to stick in house). In the first year I will feed them and cut them back regularly so that their roots grow to fill the pot. In the second year I will feed them with bloom buster trying to get them to flower so I can stick a price sticker to the pot near the variety name and take a picture so it might be purchased. I rewrite my rosebuy page regularly taking hints I receive from customers via email, check it out and if your confused let me know.

november07small.jpg, november13small.jpg

Curt bringing roses in from the drip line to place pot in pot. The house at two Pleasant where we grow most of our plants in the field.

november14small.jpg, november16small.jpg

Lilacs to be divided as of November 14 are set up along a path near the house at 2 Pleasant. Front porch as of the 16th you might compare foliage with earlier picture 10 pictures or so below here.

november24small.jpg, november25small.jpg

3 sheets of thermaglass we will use on walls near mist bench. Looking through the expanded metal top at one gallon potted own root roses in in the cold box (when it gets colder we will insert poison baits and cover with white plastic.

november26small.jpg, november27small.jpg

Often I take pictures that show work that has to be done, save it in advance of the date, then over-write the picture when the date arrives showing the work has been done or other work that remains.

november28small.jpg, november29small.jpg

novemberbarnsmall.jpg, novemberthefarmsmall.jpg

novembersignsmall.jpg, novemberaccesssmall.jpg

On the front porch you can see the sign and a weather proof box to hold letters describing what the flowering shrub farm does with phone numbers, email, etc. The access to the fields shows if we have access being blocked by snow much of the year.

novemberrebuildsmall.jpg, novemberharisonsyellowsmall.jpg

I have several 'Harisons Yellow' stool layered in 45 gallon pots. They may produce several rooted layers every couple years.

novemberespalierpearssmall.jpg, novemberespalierapplessmall.jpg

Espalier trained fruit trees that have not sold in the last 5 years planted near the drip line trained onto bamboo attached between two stakes and used to grow fruit. The Pears alternate between Barlet and Bosc every 6 feet. The apples alternate between Stayman Winesap and Liberty every 6 feet.


We are training the limbs onto bamboo tied to stakes.

espalierpear14503small.jpg, espalierpear14504small.jpg

Old trees trained to espalier but not sold get planted along the edge of the drip lines. We alternate back and forth between cross pollinators, each trr aproximately six feet apart. Treated stakes will be driven into the ground on each side with bamboo sticks tied across as the wires onto which we will train the trees. If we dont sell the trees we can eat the apples and subscribers to this newsletter will see how the training goes.

espalierpear14505small.jpg, espalierpear14506small.jpg


espalierapple10994small.jpg, espalierapple10993small.jpg

novembergriffysmall.jpg, novemberfantinlatoursmall.jpg

Griffy is a rescue we took in. Removing maple trees from the 'Fantin Latour'. This 'Fantin Latour' is much bigger than most (look at it in bloom with 'New Dawn' to the left) as it is given support by espalier trained apple trees.

novemberhibiscussmall.jpg, novemberjackuptreesmall.jpg

Hibiscus planted in a raised bed. Jacking up an apple tree usiing a Lolly Column.


So I planted a Cabbage rose I bought from a competitor that was in a 1 gallon pot. Next year I'll take another picture to compare its growth rate with.

coldframeeastsmall.jpg, coldframewestsmall.jpg,

I keep all my one gallon (or smaller) potted plants that I sell mail-order in the cold frame during winter and on tables in summer. Boxes with the plants inside will be closed up in winter unless those plants are larger and more cold hardy.

1gallonrosebayssmall.jpg, 1baggedrosebaysmall.jpg

1 gallon rosebays for mail order. We will individually bag each one in a 2 gallon ziplock bag then remove or open the bag before it gets too warm in spring. The bag helps maintain moisture levels, humidity and reduces desication. We will open the bags in spring to prevent mold from growing.

smallrosesinframesmall.jpg, novemberblueberrybushessmall.jpg

Roses in 1 gallon pots that we propagated from cuttings. As I fill the cold-frame I stop and take a picture of what we are currently packing in. When a plant is identified from its flower I will call back those who have expressed an interest in purchasing and given me their phone number. So I receive an email request for 2 one gallon potted plants and print it out (the email has the address as it would appear on the package and a phone number).

cuttingskrasavitsamoskvysmall.jpg, cuttingsmmelemoinesmall.jpg

We will divide 3, 7 and 15 gallon Lilacs in December or March to be potted in 1 gallons for mailorder. If these pictures show those size pots, then when we divide them I will overwrite with the new picture. Click on the picture and it may open a larger version with more detail.

cuttingspocahontassmall.jpg, compostheapsmall.jpg,

flowerpic173small.jpg, cuttingsfeliciteetperpetuaesmall.jpg

For Catherine who wants to know about Felicite et Perpetuae and when it will be available. I called a couple times monday morning and didn't get her to pickup. The cuttings picture above will be over-written each year to show what we have (remember they are not for sale until the price sticker is attached).

For Dave who wants to know about Harisons Yellow and when layers will be available. Layers are usually rooted late in the year so I add you to my list and call you back If I dig one up. Be sure that I have your phone number and mailing address.

flowerpic031small.jpg, cuttingsispahansmall.jpg

For Erin who wants to know about fragrant roses this is 'Ispahan'.

novembergriffydogsmall.jpg, autumnolgamezittsmall.jpg

coldframenewscotlandsmall.jpg, novembercoldframesmall.jpg,

The coldframe where we store our 1 gallon potted roses in winter (many of them will be sold mail order next June. The blueberry bushes in the coldframe that we will take cuttings from next spring.


Small roses, many of which will be sold mailorder next june if they are identified.

novemberfarmsmall.jpg, potinpot060116small.jpg

We use two pots sandwiched together. then we pour mulch over the top. This allows us to pull one pot out and empty the mulch further down the row so it mostly sifts in between. When it gets colder we will insert potted roses into the outside socket pot. These roses are used to propagate new roses from. As the one gallon potted roses get to large we pot them first into 3 gallons and later these 7 gallons pot-in-pot. A few are sold each year to people who drive here.

novembermmegeorgesbruantsmall.jpg, novemberpotinpotsmall.jpg

Mme Georges Bruant (in a 7 gallon pot that we take cuttings from) was flowering on the 6th. Pot in pot at 40 Voorheesville Ave is used to protect 7 gallon potted plants from freezing their roots in winter while in summer we can take these plants elsewhere where they'll get more sun then cover the socket pots with expanded metal and use it as tables for the blueberry bushes.

In December and March we will divide Lilacs into 1 gallon pots for mail order that we identified this year when they flowered.


novembercoldframesmall.jpg, novemberblueberrybushessmall.jpg

smallrosesinframesmall.jpg, voorheesvilleavesmall.jpg

novemberfarmsmall.jpg, potinpot060116small.jpg

novembermmegeorgesbruantsmall.jpg, potinpotat40small.jpg

autumnlowerfieldsmall.jpg, winterlowerfieldsmall.jpg

novembernorthskysmall.jpg & novemberlowbushsmall.jpg

novemberrosestoragesmall.jpg, novemberstorerosessmall.jpg

novemberplantstoragesmall.jpg, novemberarborvitaepyramidalsmall.jpg

novemberblueraysmall.jpg & novemberbluecropsmall.jpg

novemberpinxterbloomsmall.jpg, novemberrosebaysmall.jpg

novemberespaliersmall.jpg, novembervtrainedsmall.jpg


novemberlowerfieldsmall.jpg & novembercompostersmall.jpg

novemberstoringrosessmall.jpg & novemberstorerosessmall.jpg

novembersignsmall.jpg & novemberpotinpotsmall.jpg

novembermulchingpotssmall.jpg, novemberwinterizingsmall.jpg

novembersortpotssmall.jpg, novemberrichmulchingsmall.jpg

novemberrichcoldframesmall.jpg, novembercoldframerichsmall.jpg

novemberwinterstoragesmall.jpg, novemberstorageinwintersmall.jpg

novemberadelaidedunbarsmall.jpg & novemberagincourtbeautysmall.jpg

novemberamischottsmall.jpg & novemberaucubaefoliasmall.jpg

novemberbelledenancysmall.jpg & novembercharlesjolysmall.jpg

novembercongosmall.jpg & novemberdarknightsmall.jpg

novemberedwardgardnersmall.jpg & novemberdonaldwymansmall.jpg

novemberforrestkressersmithsmall.jpg & novemberjamesmacfarlanesmall.jpg


novembermisscanadasmall.jpg & novembermmelemoinesmall.jpg

novemberludwigspaethsmall.jpg & novembermichelbuchnersmall.jpg

novembermongesmall.jpg & novembernadezhdasmall.jpg

novemberpaulthirionsmall.jpg & novemberpocahontassmall.jpg

novemberpresidentpoincairesmall.jpg & novemberprimrosesmall.jpg

novemberpurpleglorysmall.jpg & novemberrochestersmall.jpg

novembersarahsandssmall.jpg & novembersuperbasmall.jpg

novemberbasyespurplefoliagesmall.jpg & novemberfatherhugossmall.jpg

novemberleverkusensmall.jpg & novembernewdawnsmall.jpg


novemberbasyespurplefoliagesmall.jpg, novemberbluecropsmall.jpg

01108keelay110809small.jpg, novemberazaleaboxsmall.jpg

Keelay passed away in spring of 2011 but in pictures he lives for ever.

novemberthefarmsmall.jpg, sidepropertywatercolorsmall.jpg


novemberrosarugosaalbasmall.jpg, novembertopazjewellsmall.jpg

novemberkoniginvondanemarksmall.jpg, novembertuscanysuperbsmall.jpg

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