Our Retail Plant Sale At Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm, 40 Voorheesville Ave, Voorheesville, NY 12186 starts when Lilacs bloom in May (call me on my cell phone and tell me when you plan to come and which lilacs you are interested in), it continues through June, July and August when roses bloom, it ends in september but you can still contact me on my cell phone. Additional links at bottom of page. My operation is set up to be easy for me to sell plants even though I have several health challenges that may put me in the hospital at inopportune times (so call me before coming). Click the pictures for a larger image that can be studied more closely or saved as wallpaper.

As of 2017 one gallon potted plants are usually $20 look for the price sticker on the pot. For Pickup at the plant sale we may have 1 gallon for $20, 3 gallon for $30, 7 gallon for $40 or $50, call me at 518-526-9978 and ask for an appointment. Plants in 3 gallon pots that have been divided in half may be sold mail order or at the plant sale for $25. Once plants get too large to be sent in a flat rate priority package using the Post Office across the street they have to be picked up at the plant sale location at 40 Voorheesville Ave. Most people who come to the plant sale first negotiate for the plant via phone or email then come to Voorheesville to pick them up when they are sure I am not in the hospital.

Out front and In back.

Big plants in front of the house at 40 Voorheesville Ave are usually used as a source of cuttings and to show how large plants get. Smaller, more portable plants that may be for sale are kept in back of the house. I try to be open during the season when my plants flower so you can buy them in bloom or see how the flowers smell but we remain open until september for those who come late.

Truck loads and a price sticker..

Once lilacs in the field flower we bring in truck loads of them and sell them out of the back yard of the two family house I own at 40 Voorheesville Ave in Voorheesville, NY 12186 where we have our propagation facilities and potting bench. I will label each flowering plant with a locking label identifying them from their flowers. I appreciate you coming during daylight hours when its not raining and giving me a call on my cell phone at 518-526-9978 before you arrive so I have maximum time to walk in from the fields, finish my breakfast or whatever before you arrive (I water plants everywhere all summer and wont go on vacations until we hit the rainy season when I dont have to worry about things drying out).

In summer we grow roses on drip line in the sun that may flower proving the variety that we will then label and stick on a price label. On the right is a picture looking through a vent into our mist propagation box where we are propagating cuttings as of a date in the lower right hand corner of the picture. Click the picture for a larger image so you can study the picture more closely or save it as wallpaper.

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