HELP where I give you a key to determining availability using the cuttings picture along with other pictures that may show the flower, fruit and fall foliage. You can click the small image to open a larger picture that you can study more closely or save as wallpaper (additional links at bottom of page).

Here are four pictures from the Fru Dagmar Hastrup page linked below (I try to have 4 pictures at the top of each "individual variety page".

Fru Dagmar Hastrup

The first picture is usually one showing the flower (often with my hand holding it so you can determine the flower size),

The second from the left or the "cuttings picture" may start out showing roses on drip line (a generic picture of plants on drip line) indicating that we probably had rooted cuttings growing in the field on drip line at that time. When they flower and I identify them I might attach a price sticker, print the name on the side of the pot next to it, group it with others of the same variety, take a picture and over-write it. So no price sticker visible in the cuttings picture probably not for sale yet.

Third picture from the left shows the variety sometime in June.

Fourth picture showing fall foliage color or fruit (look for the date in a corner that the picture was taken.

Fru Dagmar Hastrup

When the variety flowers (if it does) I will put all the same variety together that have flowered with the name painted on the side of the pot with a price. I'll turn all the pots so the price sticker is visible when I take a picture and over-write my cuttings picture. I'll add a link to the variety page in my instock page.

The cuttings picture might show;

1) if the cuttings have rooted it will show a picture of plants growing from a one gallon pot (we stick 4 cuttings in each one gallon pot, the variety name noted with a paint pen on the side of the pot, in this case two have rooted), or

2) rooted cuttings inserted in one gallon pots and placed in a plastic bag to be over-wintered, or

3) not yet viable cuttings being pointed at with a pencil (pencil thick is the ideal thickness for a cutting), or

4) cuttings taken, inserted in a ziplock bag and sent to a greenhouse, or

5) if cuttings dont root I over-write with a picture of one of the plants I will take cuttings from in a large pot probably on drip line.

6) cuttings on drip line or in a cold frame for the winter (note the date the picture was taken in the lower right hand corner of the picture). When I place roses on drip line in the field I may take this picture again each month. Note the yellow label with an abreviation of the variety name (and date potted) allowing me to take the picture from above. Look for plants to buy that have a price sticker on the side and a date from 2 years ago that shows when first potted.

Roseraie page shows how we grow and sell roses. We wont sell them until they flower in June or July though pictures of roses with price stickers on that may be for sale might be taken and over-written while in the cold box during winter.


bymail: pictures of plants that have been cut back potentially for mail order but they might also be divided the following year or be placed in a larger pot for more money.

As of 2015 when plants flower and we verify the variety we stick a price sticker to the side of the pot thats large enough to be seen in pictures.

I can send plants to the following states without having to have them inspected; Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming (I cut the address out of your email printout and stick it to the package).

I dont sell roses until they have been identified probably from the flower as often plants are stuck by people who dont label them properly. I make all notes with a paint pen either on the side of the pot or on a label attached to the pot. I want something thats not easily seperated from the plant (plant stakes are constantly being removed and stuck in the wrong pots). When we are rooting cuttings I often have other people with me helping and plants can get mis-labeled so I think that not selling them until they have flowered is a good idea.

I look for new growth that is thick as a pencil but no thicker than a finger, around 6 inches long that have at least 3 sets of leaf nodes with at least one set of nodes above soil to grow leaves and at least one below soil to grow roots. Auxin is naturally generated by any cutting that has leaves but I use Rootone partially for the added auxin and additionally for the fungicide that can help prevent mold that might compete with roots.

Each of these stems ending in a faded flower is a potential cutting to be taken and rooted in July, August or September.

In summer we place one gallon roses on drip line, water almost every day and fertilize once a month with Rose Tone. In June and July when plants flower we identify, label, attach a price sticker, sort them into groups by variety and make them available for sale when two years old. Click the small image for a larger one you can study more closely or save as wallpaper.

Labeled plants

10358mix should be 'Apothecarys Rose', Rosa rugosa alba, 'William Lobb', 'Great Maidens Blush', 'Scabrose', 'Duchesse of Montebello', 'Fu Dagmar Hastrup', and 'Rose de Rescht' (taken as cuttings July 30, 2013).

Cuttings sent to greenhouse in 2013

Took cuttings all mixed together in a single bag on July 30, 2013 from Moms Hibiscus (20 cuttings), Apothecarys Rose, Rosa rugosa alba, William Lobb, Great Maidens Blush, Scabrosa, Duchess of Montebello, Fru Dagmar Hastrup and Rose de Rescht (#10-358:167 cuttings) to send to a greenhouse. We should be able to tell these varieties apart when they flower.

Took cuttings July 23, 2013; #10331:194 cuttings Apothecarys rose, Camieux, Goldfinch, Fru Dagmar Hastrup, Felicite Parmentier, Rose of Castile, Red Moss, Amelie Gravereau, Sarah Van Fleet, John Davis, Zephirine Drouhin, Conrad F. Meyer, Tour De Malakoff, Crested Moss.

Took cuttings July 16, 2013; #10330:34 cuttings KAZANLIK, #10331:32 cuttings JOHN CABOT, #10332:60 cuttings LEDA,



On July 12, 2013 I stuck mixed Hybrid Rugosa cuttings. If the flower is purple its 'Magnifica', Silver its 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup' or pink its 'Sarah Van Fleet'.

Monday, July 8, I am taking cuttings from each of the following to send to the greenhouse; 10319:36 cuttings Gallica Apothecarys rose, 10318: 17 cuttings Gallica Agatha Incarnata, 10320:23 cuttings Damask York and Lancaster, 10321:14 cuttings Gallica Cardinal de Richelieu, 10329:36 cuttings Father Hugos Rose, 10322:26 cuttings Pauls Himalayan Musk and 10323:47 cuttings Alba Semi-Plena.

10335rambler should be 'Hansa', , 'Fantin Latour', 'Francois Juranville', 'City of York' or 'American Pillar'.

10333 rugosa should be 'Linda Campbell', 'Magnifica', 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup', or 'Scabrosa'.

10329fat should be 'Father Hugos Rose (taken as cuttings July 8, 2013 and sent to a greenhouse).

When 10322pauls finally bloom (maybe next june) we expect them to be 'Pauls Himalayan Musk' (or other Rambler Rose).