Crop 250 June week #2 Issue of Flowering Shrub Farm Monthly All Picture Newsletters; January February March April May 1 to 15 May 16 to 31 June 1 to 7 June 8 to 14 June 15 to 21 June 22 to 30 July August September October November December We propagate and grow for mail-order many hard to obtain roses, lilacs, blueberry bushes, rhododendrons or azaleas and report how we are doing to potential customers via these monthly newsletters (larger plants are usually available for pickup during our plant sale). Click on the picture and it may open a larger version with more detail. Reload this page in case your computer has it cached. 09:50

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For the three months May, June and July we are selling lilacs, roses and more. The newsletter I am working on this month is at and includes a link to "what we do and when we do it". The pictures below are probably from previous years unless they have been recently over-written.

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My nursery is in the middle of Voorheesville, NY surrounded by local residences so we propagate and grow plants that are very disease resistant, washing insects from their leaves with water. I propagate and grow plants from my catalogs that my customers have requested, are locally hardy and disease resistant. We sell 2 year old plants in one gallon pots mail order and if they dont sell gradually repot into larger containers that at first we may use as a source of cuttings but later may sell from the nursery. Once plants are 2 years old and have been identified from the flower, I will attach a price sticker to the side of the pot that is easily seen in a picture.

junesourcesmall.jpg, twoyearoldssmall.jpg

On the left you see Roses that we will use as a source of cuttings in July, August and September placed on drip line in the field. On the right you see a picture of all the plants that are two years old as these will be the ones we sell if they flower proving what variety they are (there is always a certain level of anxiety on my part over how I could have screwed up on the labeling and the flowers blooming will solve that). Once they are clearly identified from the flower I stick a price label to the side of the pot that should be easily seen if you click for a larger image.

june10small.jpg, june13small.jpg

Each day that I have flowering 1 gallons I will take a picture and save it as that day. You can click the picture for a larger image to study more closely or save as wallpaper. I will verify the variety and print it on the pot with the paint pen along with the year it was potted. Remember we wont sell them until they are two years old and have previously flowered. If you recognise one you should go ahead and email me about it though it may already be sold or just not old enough.

Rosebay Rhododendrons in 1 gallon pots.

mailordertwentypinxtersmall.jpg, pinxterbloomboxsmall.jpg

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14250gallicasmall.jpg, 14269pinkdoublesmall.jpg

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junefantinlatourcentifoliasmall.jpg, juneispahandamasksmall.jpg

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junepinxterbloombedsmall.jpg. junerichandconnierepottingbabiessmall.jpg

10319apothecarysrosesmall.jpg, 10329fatherhugosrosesmall.jpg


Took cuttings July 23, 2013; #10331:194 cuttings Apothecarys rose, Camieux, Goldfinch, Fru Dagmar Hastrup, Felicite Parmentier, Rose of Castile, Red Moss, Amelie Gravereau, Sarah Van Fleet, John Davis, Zephirine Drouhin, Conrad F. Meyer, Tour De Malakoff, Crested Moss.


All those that look like rugosa even if it belongs to another group (see 10358 with rugosa leaves on the left). #10333:42 cuttings RUGOSA MIX) LINDA CAMPBELL, MAGNIFICA, FRU DAGMAR HASTRUP, SCABROSA),




Took cuttings all mixed together in a single bag on July 30, 2013 Apothecarys Rose, Rosa rugosa alba, William Lobb, Great Maidens Blush, Scabrosa, Duchess of Montebello, Fru Dagmar Hastrup and Rose de Rescht (#10-358:167 cuttings)

juneroseofcastilesmall.jpg & junewilliamsdoubleyellowsmall.jpg

juneispahanbushsmall.jpg & junerosehedgesmall.jpg

10243rugosarubrasmall.jpg & 10244pinkdoublesmall.jpg

10245rosamundismall.jpg & 10246triersmall.jpg

10248mmeplantiersmall.jpg 10249balerinasmall.jpg

10251rugeldasmall.jpg 10258constancesprysmall.jpg

10259constancesprysmall.jpg 10260celsianadamasksmall.jpg

10261magnificasmall.jpg 10262camieuxsmall.jpg

10263camieuxsmall.jpg 10264pinksinglesmall.jpg

10250labellesultanesmall.jpg & 10251rugeldasmall.jpg

10252apothecarysrosesmall.jpg & 10255redmosssmall.jpg


10170alainblanchardsmall.jpg & 10220rugosaalbasmall.jpg

junethreeinchpinxterbloomsmall.jpg & juneonegallonpinxterbloomsmall.jpg

juneplantsalesmall.jpg & junestockplantssmall.jpg

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juneamericanpillarsmall.jpg & junetuscanygallicacrop207small.jpg


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juneweek2cityofyorkrose7galsmall.jpg & juneweek2alchymistrosehedgesmall.jpg

juneweek2fourseasonsrose7galsmall.jpg & juneweek2trierflower25galsmall.jpg

juneweek2espaliersmall.jpg & juneweek2firstcutsmall.jpg

juneweek2camieuxrose7galsmall.jpg & juneweek2roseraiedelhay7galsmall.jpg

juneweek2dortmund7galsmall.jpg & juneweek2hoophousesmall.jpg

juneweek2ispahan45galsmall.jpg & juneweek2leverkusen45galsmall.jpg

juneweek2belledecrecyrose45galsmall.jpg & juneweek2cardinalderichelieurose7galsmall.jpg

juneweek2apothecarysrose45galsmall.jpg & juneweek2stanwellperpetualrose7galsmall.jpg

juneweek2newdawnrose45galsmall.jpg & juneweek2goldfinch25galsmall.jpg

juneweek2sevensistersflowersmall.jpg & juneweek2trierflower25galsmall.jpg

juneweek2trier25galsmall.jpg & juneweek2tausendschonflower25galsmall.jpg

juneweek2trier25galsmall.jpg & juneweek2goldfinch25galsmall.jpg

juneweek1scabrosarose7galsmall.jpg & juneweek1rosederescht15galsmall.jpg


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