Crop 216 May 16 to 31 Issue of Flowering Shrub Farm Monthly All Picture Newsletters; January February March April May 1 to 15 May 16 to 31 June 1 to 7 June 8 to 14 June 15 to 21 June 22 to 30 July August September October November December We propagate and grow for mail-order many hard to obtain roses, lilacs, blueberry bushes, rhododendrons or azaleas and report how we are doing to potential customers via these monthly newsletters (larger plants are usually available for pickup during our plant sale). Click on the picture and it may open a larger version with more detail. Reload this page in case your computer has it cached. 09:46

mayludwigspaethlilacforsalesmall.jpg & maysignsmall.jpg

For the three months May, June and July we are selling lilacs, roses and more. The newsletter I am working on this month is at and includes a link to "what we do and when we do it". The pictures below are probably from previous years unless they have been recently over-written.

mayreddoorsmall.jpg & lilacflowerstodaysmall.jpg

I will over-write this picture of my work area in front of the red door frequently throughout each month. This picture of flowers on some of the lilacs we are selling will show you if they are flowering or not. Click the picture for a larger image you can save as wallpaper. Contact me.


8. mayaucubaefoliaflowersmall.jpg

10. mayclarksgiantflower13small.jpg & 11. maygeneralsheridanflowersmall.jpg

12. maymmelemoineflowersmall.jpg & 13. mayprimroseflowersmall.jpg

14. maynadezhdaflowersmall.jpg & 15. maynadezhdacropfloweringsmall.jpg

16. maypresidentpoincaireflowersmall.jpg & maypresidentpoincairecropfloweringsmall.jpg Yep, its Grevy not Poincaire.

16.2 mayludwigspaethflowersmall.jpg & 16.4 maydarknightflowersmall.jpg

17.2 mayagincourtbeautyflowersmall.jpg & 17.3 mayagincourtbeautycropfloweringsmall.jpg

17.4 compareagincourttoclarkssmall.jpg & 17.5 compareagincourttomongessmall.jpg

I have heard that 'Agincourt Beauty' has large florets so I decided to compare it to one that has huge florets 'Clarks Giant'. I also like comparing the shade of purple in each variety and so here it is compared to red-purple 'Monge'.

18. maydarknightbudsmall.jpg & 19. maysarahsandsbudsmall.jpg

20. maylilacwalkwestsmall.jpg & 21. mayacrossfrontwestsmall.jpg

22. maykrasavitsamoskvyflower13small.jpg

24.2 mayrosesalphabeticalsmall.jpg

25. purpleglory10009small001.jpg & purpleglory10009small005.jpg

25.8 plugbymediumprioritymailsmall.jpg & plugsbymediumprioritymailsmall.jpg

39. 10995winesapsmall.jpg & 40. maysnowdriftsmall.jpg

maybelledenancyfrenchlilacsmall.jpg & octoberbelledenancysmall.jpg

maymmelemoinefrenchlilacsmall.jpg & octobermmelemoinesmall.jpg

maymichellebuchnetfrenchlilacsmall.jpg & octobermichelbuchnersmall.jpg

may20curtandrichloadingsmall.jpg & may20curtrichandtrailersmall.jpg

maycuttingsedwardjgardnersmall.jpg & maypottededwardjgardnersmall.jpg

maycuttingsmongesmall.jpg & maypottedsuperbasmall.jpg

maycuttingscongosmall.jpg & maypottingcongolilacssmall.jpg

maycuttingsbluejaysmall.jpg & maycuttingsblueraysmall.jpg

may12purpleglorysmall.jpg mayludwigspaethinbudsmall.jpg

may17harisonsyellowsmall.jpg & may17delicatarugosasmall.jpg

maysignsmall.jpg & mayacrossfrontsmall.jpg

maykrasavitsamoskvyflowersmall.jpg & mayludwigandsarahsmall.jpg

maycuttingssmall.jpg, mayfrontpathandlilacssmall.jpg


7. mayblueraycropsmall.jpg & mayangustifoliumsmall.jpg

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