Current Inventory of plants. I do inventory by taking a picture closeup of the sign (click the sign picture and often it will show a larger picture of the available plants). If we currently sell the plant the available quantity is shown on a colored dot on the sign (blue dot; its in a 3 gallon for between $10 for 1 year old and $25 for a 3 year old, green dot; its in a 7 gallon pot for $30, yellow dot; is in a 15 gallon for $50, orange or red dot; its in a 25 gallon for the best price over $70). We also occasionally have one or two in 45 gallon pots that aren't usually sold (make an offer) but are maintained for propagation and to show just how big these plants can get. I take a new inventory picture when a customer asks about it or when I sell one.

No colored dot? Not for sale yet (we dont sell Lilacs or Roses that have not yet flowered proving the variety), but another picture will show either a closeup of the flower or the plants growing in the field (so you might evaluate when I will have them for sale). If there is only 1 its not for sale but will be used to propagate more (check next year). We only sell Lilacs and Roses when they are blooming or have bloomed proving the variety. Click the picture for a larger image.

I take pictures of many plants to place in my free picture-newsletter showing decorative foliage and fruit, closeups of the flower, etc.

I usually have more plants for sale than are on the current inventory list. Check my catalog and ask about it. I will probably add another to this list.

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Potential Customers subscribe. Each month I send them the latest email link to the newsletter, information as to what is blooming and sometimes an update telling them when I am open.

When they see something they like they come buy it in bloom.

We grow plants to sell at our plant sale. Read my notes on the zone hardiness numbers I use. Do we do mail order? Check my picture-newsletter Want to purchase? email me.