Apple Trees Espalier trained (pictures of) being trained for our Retail Plant Sale at the flowering shrub farm in Voorheesville, NY. We train fruit trees and crabapple trees for sale to belgian fence, step over or horizontal T. If the pictures below dont open click applebuy. Click a picture will open a larger image that you can study up close.

We grow fruit trees in 45 gallon pots trained on a trellis composed of wood stakes and bamboo cross-pieces. bottom tier at 18 inches above the ground at a top tier 15 inches above that. More later.

10985libertysmall.jpg, 10987libertysmall.jpg

We are growing around 100 trees in this fashion that we can dig out of the larger pot and sell for around $30 or $50 each.

10991libertysmall.jpg, 10995winesapsmall.jpg

I will add more pictures of trees below and over-write the picture fairly often.

10996winesapsmall.jpg, 14410montmorencysmall.jpg

All year as I do inventory or train trees I take pictures that are added to my PICTURE-NEWSLETTER for that month. When those pictures are of espalier I add them here as well. January February March April May 1 to 15 May 16 to 31 June 1 to 7 June 8 to 14 June 15 to 21 June 22 to 30 July August September October November December