My job at the flowering shrub farm in Voorheesville, NY 12186 where I propagate and grow small numbers of plants to sell retail mostly mail-order. Whenever I interact with plants I take pictures and add them to the latest subscriber only newsletter so potential customers who subscribe can check them out on my web site and ask me about them in emails.

coldframesmall.jpg, marchsignsmall.jpg

On the left is the Coldframe where, in winter, we store plants for mail order in boxes on each side, then in summer the boxes become tables. On the right is The front porch at 40 Voorheesville Ave where I often sit in summer sipping a coffee I bought at the sandwich shop next door (you can see the weather proof box that has a handout inside). We rent apartments to tenants that like being surrounded by the nursery.

reddoorsmall.jpg, potinpotsmall.jpg

Through the red door is our break room, mist propagation bench, the work shop and storage. In winter plants in 7 gallon pots that we take cuttings from are stored pot-in-pot with their roots surrounded by mulch.

cuttingssidesmall.jpg, cuttingstopsmall.jpg

I will over-write these two pictures frequently. When it gets warm enough I will put them on top of the table so when you look at them from the side you can see the price tag or a sold tag showing to whom it was sold. Then we will seperate them between the ownrootalbas, ownrootdamasks, ownrootrugosas etc. Click the picture for a larger image you can save as wallpaper or study more closely (check the date in the lower right hand corner to see how recently I took this picture).

ownrootalbassmall.jpg, ownrootgallicassmall.jpg

At a certain point I will start seperating the roses in one gallon pots (sorting them as you see by type) and attaching price labels to their sides. If you can't see a price label its not for sale yet.

ownrootdamaskssmall.jpg, ownrootcentifoliassmall.jpg

ownrootclimberssmall.jpg, ownrootrugosassmall.jpg

lilacsbymailsmall.jpg, rhodosbymailsmall.jpg

About the ALL-PICTURE-NEWSLETTER by andyvancleve

Potential Customers subscribe (email me and ask to subscribe). Each month around the 10th I send them an email link to the most recent subscriber only newsletter that I add pictures to of the plants every few days with comments. When they see something they like they email me and ask about it.

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