Row a, b, c, d, e, & f at Flowering Shrub Farm in Voorheesville, NY 12186; Lilacs, Spiraea, Old Garden Roses and more growing in our fields. We dont sell plants until they are flowering or have flowered proving the variety. Click on the picture and it may open a larger version with more detail. Last edited 06/23/2015

Rows A & B. Each row has 4 paralel deip lines and around 250 plants mostly lilacs. In 2011 Row A has 'Krasavitsa moskvy' at this end and 'Miss Canada at the other end. Row B contains 'President Poincaire', 'Agincourt Beauty', and more.

Row C will be cleaned out in 2012. In 2011 Row D contained the lilacs; 'Agincourt Beauty', 'Dark Night', 'Forrest Kresser Smith', 'Nadezhda', 'President Poincaire', 'Purple Glory', and 'Sarah Sands in increments of about 50 of each.

After growing for a number of years many trees and bushes grow up between our crops so in spring of each year we try to clean out a couple of rows, condensing the plants down at one end and filling the new space with just started varieties.

The pictures above have all been taken from one or another of my picture newsletters linked below.

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