Hedge pictures I change my web pages frequently so you should reload each page if you think its possible that your computer has it cached. 2 Pictures one showing instalation in September 2009 the other is taken in 2014 to show difference.

Click on the picture and it may open a larger version with more detail.


September 26; Planting a hedge of lilacs in 2009 up in Watervliet. If you click this picture you see the trench around 3/4 the depth of the lilac root balls. If the trench was too deep we could reduce the depth by filling part way under each root ball with gravel. If the trench didn't drain properly we could dig trenches toward the sidewalk from the main trench ending in a french drain (which is a large hole several feet deep, filled with gravel). In this case the lilacs are seperated by almost 3 feet and the area between each plant is filled with compost, then topped with a couple inches of top soil. As the soil sinks it will be filled with successive layers of compost and top soil.


Looking the other way. He has not fertilized for the last couple years or they might be another foot taller.

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