2014 is a List for plants requested from the Flowering Shrub Farm in Voorheesville, NY. I usually answer emails in my answer page. 2014 2015 2016

12-31-2014 Eileen

Celsiana, Alba rugosa, La Belle Sultane, Complicata, Harisons Yellow, Alba Semi-plena, Apothecarys Rose, Autumn Damask, Camaieux, Celeste alba, Chapeau de Napoleon, Mme Hardy, Rosa Mundi, Rose du Roi, Apple stepovers.

12-27-2014 Sally Feel free to ask for it elsewhere. I will still notify you if we identify them and have your phone number.

Great Maidens Blush

12-24-2014 Leontina

Rosa damascena Ispahan

12-16-2014 Matt

'Agnes' Hybrid rugosa rose

12-5-2014 Chuck

Castilian Rose, Autumn Damask

12-1-2014 Luis

Apothecarys Rose, autumn damask, comte de chambord, kazanlik

11-24-2014 Catherine

Felicite et Perpetuae

11-20-2014 Dave

Harison's Yellow

11-1-2014 phone request from Maryland

President Grevy

10-30-2014 Valerie

2 Alba Semi-plena

10-25-2014 Irene

Seven Sisters

10-20-2014 Ingrid

Conrad Fedinand Meyer

Rosa rugosa alba

2 Great Maidens Blush

I mentioned how we are propagating rugosa roses from seed as well check out this page at www.floweringshrubfarm.com/roseseed.htm

10-17-2014 Renee

Great Maidens Blush

10/14/2014 Monica


10/13/2014 Susanne

Mme Legras de St Germain

10/4/2014 Scott

Duc de Cambridge

9/15/2014 Rob


9/9/2014 Basem

Ispahan or other Rosa damascena

9/8/2014 Cassie

Fru Dagma Hastrup

9/5/2014 Ken

Harison's Yellow

9/3/2014 Cynthia

'Agnes' Hybrid rugosa rose

8/28/14 JJ Your list below will gradually fill in with links to the individual web page for that variety and I'll check out others I dont have right now to see if they are disease resistant, hardy, fragrant and vigorous enouph for me to consider.

Alchymist, Apothecarys Rose, Autumn Damask, Felicite et Perpetuae, Felicite Parmentier, Leda Painted Damask, Mme Plantier, Konigin von Danemark, Rose de Rescht, Zephirine Drouhin, Comtesse Cecile de Chabrillant, Danae, Josephs Coat, Reine des Violettes, Fortunes double Yellow (Gold of Ophir), Rosa banksiae lutea, Yolande d'Aragon, Illusion, Lavender Lassie, Ardoisee de Lyon, Crested Damask, Duc de Guiche, Gilda, Souvenir de St. Annes, American Beauty, Blanchefleur, Dainty Bess, Fantin Latour, Jacqueline Humery, Super Elfin, Silver Shadows.

8/22/14 Cassie

Fru Dagma Hastrup

8/19/14 David

Harison's Yellow

8/18/14 Evelyn

Fru Dagma Hastrup

8/8/14 Tom & Nancy

8 feet tall x 6 to 8 feet wide.

Rosa rugosa alba, Robusta, Sarah Van Fleet and similar. Maybe Roseraie de L'Hay & William Baffin . Watch these as I take cuttings from them.

8/7/14 Keith

Rhododendron periclymenoides Pinxterbloom Azalea

7/25/14 Christine

Apothecarys Rose

Click the blue link above and it will open a web page for that variety alone.

The two pictures at the top should be of a closeup of the flower (top left) and a picture of cuttings (top right).

The picture of the cuttings will show several different possibilities including;

1. not yet viable cuttings being pointed at with a pencil (cuttings have to be between the thickness of a pencil and the thickness of my small finger),

2. cuttings inserted in one gallon pots and placed in a zip lock bag,

3. if the cuttings root it will show a picture of plants growing from a one gallon pot (multiple cuttings in a single pot have to be divided).

4. If I send cuttings out to a greenhouse it will show many loose cuttings in a large plastic bag in a box being readied for shipment.

Additional pictures will probably be of the plants that we are taking cuttings from.

7/24/14 Megan

20 Fru Dagma Hastrup

7/23/14 Teresa

Souvenir de philemon Cochet


We can send 2 one gallon potted plants in this size for around $18.00 postage as of June 2014. A 1 year old in 1 gallon is $10 and a 2 year old is $15 so 2 x $10 = $20 + 8% tax or $1.60 + $18 postage = $39.60. Dont send any money until I ask for it, Nothing is available right now though you might check the pictures of roses being identified link and ask me in an email if any of them are available.

7/22/14 Weston

Cabbage Rose

7/14/14 Matthew

Harison's Yellow, Rosa rugosa alba.

/zone3.htm Check this catalog of roses hardy in zone 3.

7/12/14 John

Harison's Yellow, Celestial alba, Autumn Damask, Tuscany gallica,

7/12/14 Linda

Rugosa roses, Lilacs and blueberry bushes.

7/8/14 Arlene

Leda Painted Damask

7/6/14 Joyce

Leda Painted Damask & Tuscany Superb

7/6/14 Brian.

Alba Semi-plena

7/6/14 Joseph

Lowbush blueberries Vaccinium angustifolium I will take softwood cuttings in spring.

7/6/14 Daniela

Anais segales, Cabbage Rose, Crested Moss, William Lobb, Tour de Malakoff.

7/5/14 Sharon

Hansa, Belle Poitevine

7/5/14 Julie

Alberic Barbier

Pictures of flowers on roses being identified.

7/3/14 Russ

'Agnes' Hybrid rugosa rose

7/2/14 Shipped 2 packages to Auburn Hills, MI and 1 package to Essex, NY

7/1/14 Deposit check for Kathleen (2 Edward Gardner & 2 Mme Lemoine), Jeremy (2 Pinxterbloom & 2 Rosebay) and Constantin (1 Ispahan).

6/29/14 Nancyann

Harison's Yellow

6/28/14 Stephen

Amelie Gravereaux Hybrid Rugosa Rose

6/24/14 Kathryn

Duchess de Montebello

6/24/14 Kathleen

6 Delicata Rugosa

6/22/14 Patty

Crested Moss

Rosa mundi

6/22/14 Kelly

Apothecarys Rose

Autumn Damask



6/20/14 Sharon

Rosa rubrifolia the red leaved rose

6/19/14 David

Yellow rugosa rose; Agnes or Topaz Jewel

6/12/14 Lynne

5 Pinxterbloom plugs $5 x 5=$25+$2 tax+$13 shipping=$40 (click the link below to see all currently available pinxterbloom plugs in a picture large enough to save as wallpaper). You could order as many as 20 plugs and have the shipping remain the same.

6/11/14 Sandy


6/10/14 We had two Ispahan Damask Roses in one gallon pots for sale. Nanette 4/21/14; 2 Ispahan, Sam 4/21/14; 2 Ispahan, 3/19/14 Debby; 2 Ispahan, 3/5/14 Peggy; 2 Ispahan, 2/16/14 Constantin; 2 Kazanlik or alternatively if kazanlik does not bloom Ispahan (Sent an email offer 6/20/14), 1/28/14 Jim; Ispahan (Sent an email offer 6/12/14 got no reply), 9/7/13 Carollynn sent me a check for $10+$.80+$18=$28.80 for 1 Ispahan (I highlight in red those that these roses have been offered to).

6/10/14 Lindsay

Great Maidens Blush

6/9/14 Lousia

Red Hybrid Rugosas, Rosa rugosa alba, Gallicas, Ramblers,

6/7/14 Wendy

2 Autumn Damask, 1 Comte de Chambord, 1 Celsiana Damask, 1 Duchesse of Portland, 1 Goldfinch, 1 Leda Painted Damask, 1 Rose de Rescht, 1 Alba Semi-plena, 2 Kazanlik, 1 York and Lancaster, so any combination of plants on this list if they have flowered and found acceptible by Wendy.

6/6/14 Linda

Fru Dagma Hastrup

Roseraie de l'Hay

6/5/14 Marcella

Agatha incarnata, Agnes, Felicite Parmentier, Fruhlingsgold, Geranium Rose, Harison's Yellow, La belle sultane, Ombree Parfait, Leda Painted Damask, Tour de Malakoff, Tuscany, James Veitch, Cosimo Ridolfi, Conditorum, Easleas Golden Rambler, Capitaine John IngramSouvenir de Pierre Vibert, Generak Kleber, Marcel Bourgouin, Asemblages des Beautes, Beau Narcisser, R Carolina plena, Mary Queen of Scots, Comtesse de MurinaisMme, Victor Verdier,

6/5/14 Christine

Madame Hardy

6/5/14 Liza

5 Prairie Princess

6/2 Janet

Leda Painted Damask

6/2/14 Sari

40-50 Lowbush blueberry plants

If I can get them grown from seed.

5/31/14 Dottie

Apothecarys Rose

5/30/14 Kristine

5/30/14 Pinxterbloom plugs Prioritized by the date they first emailed me; 1/10/14 Jim; pinxter, 1/17/14 Ken; pinxter, 2/20 Jessica; pinxter, 3/2 Chrys; Rosebays, 3/29 Hans; pinxter (need to see how small a box 5 plants will fit in), 4/11 Angel; pinxter, 4/14 Marie; pinxter, 4/17 Kathleen; pinxter, 4/21 Sari; pinxter, 5/12 Nina; pinxter.

5/27/14 Nathaniel

Roseraie de l'Hay

5/27/14 Michael

Chapeau de Napoleon

Fantin Latour

5/26/14 Lilac Divisions Prioritized by the date they first emailed me; Prioritized by the date they first emailed me; Art (2/11) wants Krasavitsa moskvy and Agincourt Beauty, Stan (4/3) wants Sarah Sands and Ludwig Spaeth, Josh (5/3) wants Sarah Sands and Krasavitsa moskvy, Rose (5/19) wants Ludwig Spaeth and Edward Gardner, then she wants Sarah Sands and Beauty of Moscow,


Barbara (3/16) wants 2 'Fimbriata', Diane (3/28) wants 2 'Constance Spry',


5/26/14 Jerry

Jens Munk and Fru Dagma Hastrup in $5 size.

5/24/14 Samantha

Rugosa rubra, Rosa rugosa alba, scabrosa or fimbriata for pickup sometime this summer.

5/23/14 Erin

Roseraie de l'Hay

Parfum de l'Hay

5/21/14 Tom

5/23/14 Charmaine

2 Rosa damascena celeste or Kazanlik

5/22/14 George


5/21/14 Tom


John Davis

5/20/14 Raj

Madame Hardy

Cardinal de Richelieu

Konigin von Danemark

Souvenir de Malmaison

Constance Spry

5/19/14 Rose

1 or 2 Ludwig Spaeth

1 Edward Gardner

5/18/14 Jim

1 Agnes Hybrid Rugosa Rose

5/18/14 Heather

Nadezhda Lilac

5/18/14 Kay

Sarah Sands Lilac

5/13/14 Pat & Michele

2 Rosa rugosa Delicata

5/13/14 Sonia

Rosa centifolia, Cabbage Rose

5/12/14 Subramanian

1 Kazanlik

1 Autumn Damask

5/12/14 Karen picked up a Sarah Sands

Dark Purple Lilacs

5/12/14 Deena send me your phone number.

5/12/14 Nina

Pinxterbloom Azaleas.

5/12/14 Dawn

Fru Dagma Hastrup mail order

5/12/14 John

Ami Schott 3 gallon

Clarks Giant 3 gallon

I might have a Clarks Giant but will have to wait and see if it flowers.

Rochester 3 gallon

He would prefer to come pick them up.

5/11/14 Daniel

Felicite Parmentier

5/10/14 Theresa

2 City of York Roses

5/8/14 Karen (please send me your phone number so I can call you back if this variety flowers).

Alfred de Dalmas

5/7/14 Ted & Sue I need your phone number.

Alba Semi-plena

5/6/14 Beate

Cristata, Chapeau de Napoleon,

5/6/14 Heidi

Mme Hardy Damask Rose

Read the note below.

5/5/14 Katarina

Great Maidens Blush

5/5/14 Korey

2 'Leda Painted Damask'

5/4/14 Josh

Krasavitsa moskvy

Recommend Roses for zone 4



'CHAMPLAIN' Explorer,

Great Maidens Blush

Henry Kelsey






'William Baffin'

5/4/14 Heidi

Mme Hardy Damask Rose

5/3/14 Christine

Scabrosa Hybrid Rugosa Rose

5/1/14 Maria

Beauty of Moscow or 'Krasavitsa moskvy'

5/1/14 Lidia

1 'Roseraie de l'Hay'

4/30/14 James

We will stick 4 cuttings from a numbered 'Aucubaefolia' in a 1 gallon pot and try to root them, then sell them to James at $5 per rooted cutting undevided (2 in a pot would be $10, 3 in a pot $15, etc.). Actually I'll probably do as many pots of this as I have cuttings to stick 4 to a pot and later I can sell them as is or I can devide them, cut them back and sell them as $10 for a 1 year old and $15 for a 2 year old.

4/28/14 Joan

2 Agnes

2 Roseraie de l'Hay

2 Amelie Gravereaux

2 Trigintipetala (Kazanlik)

4/27/14 Rose

2 Ludwig Spaeth

2 Edward Gardner

1 Krasavitsa moskvy

1 Miss Ellen Wilmott

1 Mme Lemoine

1 President Grevy

1 President Lincoln

We only ship 1 gallon (sold out of 2 gallon right now) in flat rate priority mail boxes (check picture and cost at bottom of this page) so I would suggest you reduce this order to 2 plants.

4/26/14 Carene

Harison's Yellow

I dont know if I'll have any or not. If the roses bloom and you are on this list for one of those that bloom in a one gallon pot I will call you back on the phone giving priority to those nearest the bottom of this list.

4/26/14 Ann & Steve

Moss Roses

4/26 Amy

Apothecarys Rose

4/26/14 Teresa

William Baffin

Sir Thomas Lipton

4/25/14 Peggy

Adelaide Dunbar

Agincourt Beauty

Dark Night

Edward J Gardner

Znamya Lenina

4/23/14 Richard

Alain Blanchard

4/22/14 Lois

asked me for my favorites and I have to reply every plant I grow is one of my favorites but of these a few that stand out are Alba Semi-plena, Rosa rugosa alba and Great Maidens Blush. They are also all very hardy and disease resistant. Also note in red my notes on on going propagation. I dont have any Agnes because the stock plant died that we take cuttings from though we have started another that may give us more cuttings in July and august. The cuttings from the greenhouse have not come back yet and we are still waiting for June to see what flowers as we dont sell anything that has not previously flowered. As plants flower I show a picture in the newsletter and call back those who have ordered that variety starting from the bottom of this page.


AGNES Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Alba' Rugosa Rose

Great Maidens Blush





4/22/14 Lydia

Alba Semi-plena

4/22/14 Kim send me your phone number and mailing address so I can call you back if I am successful.

Robusta Hybrid Rugosa

4/22/14 Linda

Harison's Yellow

Nanette 4/21/14

2 Autumn Damask

2 Comte de Chambord

2 Celsiana Damask

2 Duchess of Portland

2 Ispahan

2 Leda Painted Damask

2 Madame Hardy

2 Rose de Rescht

2 Kazanlik

2 York and Lancaster

Neal 4/21/14

5 Hansa

7 Mrs Anthony Waterer

If you find another source for these varieties feel free to order from them. Once roses are identified I will take a picture for the newsletter so you can see how mature the plant is and I will call you back and ask if you still want them.

Sam 4/21/14

2 Rose of Castile

2 Ispahan

2 York and Lancaster

4/21/14 Sari

Lowbush blueberries

Pinxterbloom Azaleas

4/19/14 Jim

Harisons Yellow

I told Jim that we have one layered and plan to start another this summer (these are trench layers and should maybe result in several rooted suckers in each case). We will look for rooted suckers later in the year but dont know right now if we'll be successful or not (but with an additional plant layered this summer should result in even more liklihood by the following year). Be that as it may If we get rooted plants I can sell I'll start calling people back starting from the bottom of this list.

4/18/14 Vanessa

2 Znamya Lenina Lilacs

4/17/14 Irma asked if I have these

Rosa centifolia

Rosa damascena

Rosa gallica

4/17/14 Kathleen

Pinxter Azaleas

4/17/14 Fran


4/16/14 Duane


4/15/14 Michelle

Tour de Malakoff Taffeta Rose

4/14/14 Marie

9 plugs Pinxterbloom Azalea seedlings

4/12/14 David & Leora

3 Rosebay Rhododendrons in 2 gallon pots

4/11/14 Jeff and Melanie

Centifolia Roses

Fantin Latour

4/11/14 Anna

any two of

alba maxima

Alba Semi-plena

Felicite Parmentier

queen of denmark

blush hip

Great Maidens Blush


4/11/14 Angel

5 Pinxterbloom azalea plugs

5-10 lowbush blueberry plugs

4/9/14 Pam said she would come up during the plant sale

Rochester Lilac

Dwight Eisenhower Lilac



4/8/14 Linda

Alexander Mackenzie

4/7/14 Charlene

2 William Baffin

4/4/14 Joan

1 Rosa centifolia

1 Kazanlik

4/3/14 Stan

2 Kazanlik

4 Hippolyte

3 Krasavitsa moskvy

2 Edward J Gardner

4/2/14 Susan

Blanc de Vibert

4/2/14 Betty

Alba Semi-plena

3/30/14 Nova

Felicite et Perpetuae

3/29/14 Hans is within NY state so does not need inspection.

5 Pinxterbloom Azalea

3/28/14 Diane

2 Constance Spry

Requested 5/31/14 wants me to mail them out after July 8

3/27/14 Nikki

1 Fimbriata

3/26/14 Bill

6 plants white #218 Mme G Bruant

6 plants pink #102 Jens Munk

3/26/14 Keith & Debra

2 Harison's Yellow

3/19/14 Debby

2 Ispahan

2 Kazanlik

3/16/14 Barbara

Phoebe frilled Pink, Fimbriata

3/15/14 Carl and Sherri

Sarah Sands, Dark Purple Lilacs

3/15/14 Dino

2 Hansa

3/11/14 Chris

14 Rosa rugosa 'Magnifica'. Says the fence line will be waiting.

3/11/14 Deborah

1 Great Maidens Blush

3/11/14 Lorrie

1 Alba Semi-plena

3/6/14 Anne

1 Rosa moyesii 'Geranium'

3/5/14 Peggy

2 Kazanlik

2 Ispahan

2 Apothecarys Rose

3/2/14 Harriet

Alba Semi-plena

3/2/14 Chrys

6 Rosebay Rhododendron 6 in 4.5 inch pots.

2/26/14 Carol

Harison's Yellow

2/24/14 Melissa

Alfred de Dalmas

Crested Moss

Fantin Latour

Tour de Malakoff

Rosa centifolia

2/23/14 Tabitha

Alfred de Dalmas

Crested Moss

2/21/14 Connie

Cabbage Rose

2/20/14 Jessica


2/16/14 Constantin

2 Kazanlik or alternatively if kazanlik does not bloom

Ispahan (6/10/14)

2/13/14 Charles

Alba Semi-plena

2/11/14 Art

Beauty of Moscow

Agincourt Beauty

2/7/14 Stefan

Alba Semi-plena

Felicite Parmentier

2/5/14 Tim

Felicite Parmentier

Belle de Crecy


1/31/14 Holly

Apothecarys Rose




topaz Jewel

J.P. Connel

1/28/14 Jim

Ispahan; Sent an email offer 6/12/14


Rosa centifolia

1/27/14 Drew


Duchess of Portland


Celestial alba

Alain Blanchard

1/21/14 Michelle (kitty)

trigintipetala Kazanlik or any other Damask like

Celsiana, Ispahan, Leda, Mme Hardy, kazanlik, York and Lancaster

1/17/14 Ken


1/16/14 Lindsay

Great Maidens Blush

1/10/14 Jim

Pinxterbloom Azalea

Kristin on Jan 2, 2014 requested

trigintipetala Kazanlik



9/27/13 Daniel

'Henry Hudson'

8/12/13 Loullae

Damask Roses Ispahan ?

6/20/2013 David

Old Velvet Moss

5/25/2013 Stan


5/21/2013 Kary

Purple Glory Lilac

5/15/2013 Chip

4 Tuscany

5/13/2013 Josh

Agincourt Beauty


Rosa damascena

4/13/2013 Aimee

Apothecarys Rose

Rosa rugosa alba

4/5/2013 Celia


Rosa centifolia

4/4/2013 Joanne

Belle de Crecy

3/31/2013 Daphne

3/21/13 Debbie

Geranium Rose

3/12/13 Robin

Felicite Parmentier

3/1/13 Zorika

Fru Dagma Hastrup

2/26/13 Ed

Rugosa Roses

2/24/13 Judith

Conrad Meyer

2/15/13 Karen

4 Rosa rugosa

1/30/13 Perrin


Mme Lemoine

1/16/13 Arthur

Beauty of Moscow

1/13/13 Drew


1/7/13 Martha

Alice Chieppo Lilac

12/19/12 William



Roseraie de l'Hay

Souvenir de philemon Cochet

11/8/12 Rebecca

3 Schneezwerg

Continued from the top........

In June I am fertilizing the one gallon rooted cuttings that we sell mail order trying to get them to flower.

When they flower I try to identify the variety and write that name on one of my yellow individually numbered labels that I attach to the rose or staple to its pot.

I take a closeup of the flower and save it as that number followed by the variety name.

I make a list of people interested in that variety like the one on 6/20/14 when I made 2 Ispahan available.


Customers can order roses in one gallon pots by sending their name, mailing address, phone number and a request to subscribe to the free picture-newsletter in an email ( contact me ) along with a list of what they want.


Took cuttings all mixed together in a single bag on July 30, 2013 from Moms Hibiscus (20 cuttings), Apothecarys Rose, Rosa rugosa alba, William Lobb, Great Maidens Blush, Scabrosa, Duchess of Montebello, Fru Dagmar Hastrup and Rose de Rescht (#10-358:167 cuttings) to send to a greenhouse. We should be able to tell these varieties apart when they flower.

Took cuttings July 23, 2013; #10331:194 cuttings Apothecarys rose, Camieux, Goldfinch, Fru Dagmar Hastrup, Felicite Parmentier, Rose of Castile, Red Moss, Amelie Gravereau, Sarah Van Fleet, John Davis, Zephirine Drouhin, Conrad F. Meyer, Tour De Malakoff, Crested Moss.

Took cuttings July 16, 2013; #10330:34 cuttings KAZANLIK, #10331:32 cuttings JOHN CABOT, #10332:60 cuttings LEDA,



On July 12, 2013 I stuck mixed Hybrid Rugosa cuttings. If the flower is purple its 'Magnifica', Silver its 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup' or pink its 'Sarah Van Fleet'.

Monday, July 8, I am taking cuttings from each of the following to send to the greenhouse; 10319:36 cuttings Gallica Apothecarys rose, 10318: 17 cuttings Gallica Agatha Incarnata, 10320:23 cuttings Damask York and Lancaster, 10321:14 cuttings Gallica Cardinal de Richelieu, 10329:36 cuttings Father Hugos Rose, 10322:26 cuttings Pauls Himalayan Musk and 10323:47 cuttings Alba Semi-Plena.


We can send 2 one gallon potted plants in this size box for around $16.85 postage as of June 2013.


I usually answer emails in my answer page.