Yellow flowering roses (pictures of) grown for retail sale by Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm in Voorheesville, NY. Clicking on the picture should open more pictures or futher information. If the pictures dont open click yellow roses

094) AGNES Hybrid Rugosa Rose, R. rugosa x R. foetida, Agnes Hybrid Rugosa Rose introduced around 1922 (zones 4 thru 8, 6 feet x 5 feet). Mildly fragrant flowers bloom for several weeks in late spring to early summer.

169 ALCHEMIST or ALCHYMIST 'Alchemist' or 'Alchymist' Hybrid Sweet Briar Modern Shrub Rose introduced in 1956. Hardy in zones 5 thru 8, growing 6 feet x 6 feet or 9 feet on a trellis, blooms for several weeks; late spring to early summer. Growing well in the Rose hedge (check the newsletter for pictures).

014) 'CITY_OF_YORK'_Climber, 'City of York', 'Direktor Benschop', wichuranna rambler climbing Rose' introduced by Tantau around 1945 (zones 5 thru 9, 8 feet x 8 feet or can be stretched 20 feet on a fence) large clusters of fragrant flowers for several weeks late spring to early summer (not-recurrent) followed by scattered flowers occasionally later in the season.

21) 'DR. ECKENER' Hybrid Rugosa Rose 'Dr Eckener' Hybrid Rugosa Rose introduced in 1931 (zones 5 thru 9, 6'x6'), blooms all summer if dead headed and fertilized regularly.

24) 'FATHER_HUGO'S ROSE'_Species Rose, Father Hugo's Rose, The Golden Rose of China discovered around 1899 (zones 5 thru 9, 5'x5') blooms for several weeks late spring to early summer. Growing well in a 45 gallon pot near the sidewalk (check the newsletter for pictures).

27) 'FRUHLINGSGOLD' Hybrid Scotch, non recurrent,

046 'GOLDFINCH' Multiflora Rambler (Paul, 1907), small semidouble flowers with deep yellow stamens in clusters of up to 25, apricot buds open to yellow flowers that quickly fade to white, fruity scent, 6 feet tall by 12 feet wide as a shrub or can be stretched on a trellis. The canes are nearly thornless, easily propagated from hardwood cuttings. We always keep the last one to take cuttings from so if there is only one its not for sale.

30) 'Harisons Yellow', Harison's Yellow, Harrison's Yellow, 'Harison's Yellow' (Persian foetida Rose x Scottish spinosissima Rose ) Hybrid Old Garden Rose introduced around 1824 (zones 4 thru 9, 8'x8'), blooms for several weeks in late spring or early summer. Growing well in a 45 gallon pot near the sidewalk (check the newsletter for pictures).

140 leverkusen, 'Leverkusen' Hybrid Kordesii Rose introduced in 1954 (zones 5 thru 10, 8'x8'), shade tolerant, fragrant flowers bloom for us throughout summer, ("Growing Roses Organically" Wilde, 184, zones 4-10, DR-0/0), ("Classic Roses" Beales, sh:224). Growing well in a 45 gallon pot near the sidewalk (check the newsletter for pictures).

141 Lichkonigin Lucia, zone 5, 4 feet tall, recurrent,

180 Rugelda (1989), ( "Best Rose Guide" Phillips & Rix, 182, zone 3(-40 f)), ("Growing Roses Organically" Wilde, 172, zones 4-10, DR-1/0), 5x4, kordes continuous bloom, double yellow, hr (hybrid rugosa), 2 in stock that have not bloomed yet.

119 'Trier' Multiflora Hybrid Rose introduced by Lambert in 1904 has loose clusters of 30 to 50 flowers (twice that in late summer) on a disease resistant plant that might be stretched to nine feet or so on a trellis.

170 Williams Double Yellow ("The Art of Gardening With Roses" Thomas, 22), Scots Brier Hybrid.

Grower of plants that are old or heirloom (from before 1100 AD), outstanding or classic, locally hardy, disease resistant and fragrant including roses , lilacs , native azaleas , native blueberry bushes , spiraea , apple tree espalier , Purple flowering plants , yellow flowering plants and more to sell during our Retail Plant Sale , Mail Order or by appointment. I propagate plants from July through December, Grow them to flowering size and sell them retail during our plant sale May 15 to July 4.

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