Kordesii Roses and their hybrids including explorer roses, propagated and grown by Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm . Kordesii roses were the result of crossing a Rosa wichuranna (Memorial Rambler Rose) with a Rugosa Rose (both species are disease resistant). This class is often healthier and hardier than other modern roses. Want to purchase? Contact me. Last edited 12/08/2015. If these pictures dont open click here.


13) 'CHAMPLAIN' Explorer

95) DAVID THOMPSON Hybrid Rugosa Rose

20) 'DORTMUND'_Hybrid Kordesii CL

32) 'JOHN_CABOT'_Explorer Rose

33) 'JOHN_DAVIS'_Explorer Rose

140 leverkusen

141 Lichkonigin Lucia

50) Rosarium Uetersen _CLIMBER

65) William Baffin Explorer Rose 'William Baffin', Kordesii Hybrid Rose 'William Baffin' Pillar or Arching shrub rose often used as a climbing rose because of its size

I'm Andrew Van Cleve, chief grower at Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm, and I grow flowering shrubs without fungicide to reveal truly disease resistant plants. I am providing time honored, proven shrubs that are disease resistant locally.

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