Shade Tolerant plants including roses and rhododendrons sold in Albany County, NY. that are propagated and grown by Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm with links to pictures. I edit the stats report from my server and when it shows activity I update the page. Go to the picture-newsletter on my home page and look up these pictures (the date is included in the file name). Clicking on the picture in the newsletter opens a larger image. If the pictures below dont open go to Home Email me

(10610feliciteparmentier061609.jpg) crop 254

Rhododendrons including Flame Azalea, Rosebay on right, R. carolineanum near center (00525rhododendrons052506.jpg). Go to May newsletter.

Rosa alba semi-plena (00612semiplena061209.jpg). In June newsletter.

(11370leverkusen081609.jpg) AA August

Rosebay Rhododendron (00512rosebay051300.jpg). 0513 is May 13 so go to May newsletter.


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