Researching Roses and Lilacs

These two lists; are plants I am looking for, have had in the past, have right now or I've seen a picture of it in a book (together with Title, author and page number). It is also a reference for me or any one else who is looking for a professionally published photograph. I look up in books that should be available to you from your local library; each entry, then in parenthesis, following the name, show the book; Title, author and page number on which a photo of that rose or lilac may be found. I also take notes that might persuade you or me, one way or the other; to purchase or pass it by (zone, disease resistance, comments on growth habit and vigor). The rose list is broken into 3 pages, the lilac list is still only one.

Rose list A through H (rosea2h) Rose list I through M (rosei2m) Rose list N through Z (rosen2z)

Lilacs A to Z or lilaca2z Each of our potted plants has a labeled stake in the soil

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