Classic Roses and Modern hybrids of Classic Roses propagated and grown by Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm with links to pictures (when available). A Classic Rose is a Rose that is written about over several generations. It usually has many excellent characteristics including disease resistance, decorative foliage or other qualities that make it popular. Modern Hybrids of these Roses that share many of those characteristics are becoming classics as well. Click here if the thumbnails dont open. Click the picture for more information and a larger picture.

Alba semiplena, 'New Dawn' wichuranna Rambler Rose, 'Autumn Damask', 'Prairie Princess', 'Belle de Crecy', 'Celsiana' Damask Old Garden Rose, 'Leda' Damask Old Garden Rose, I'll do more soon. Until then check my rose guide link below.

Availability? Rose Guide & Inventory. We grow plants to sell at our plant sale. Read my notes on the zone hardiness numbers I use. Do we do mail order? Check my picture-newsletter for additional pictures. Want to purchase? email me. As pictures are taken of the flower, foliage and fruit of this plant, they will be placed on top of this picture in a collage with a date.