Shadbuy is a list of Serviceberry, Juneberry or Shadblow (Amelanchier canadensis) propagated and grown by Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm with links to pictures (when available). Our Plant sale is May 15 to July 4; 10 AM to 2 PM. Click here for more info.

Feel free to use my pictures as wall paper unedited (the captions on the pictures showing the source is all I require if you wish to use it in a published work). I last edited my inventory of numbered 7 gallon potted serviceberry on this page Tuesday, June 23, 2015.

A caption is contained in many pictures that includes; The name, date introduced, type of plant, zone it's hardy in, height and width so you can save it as wallpaper or a picture file. Later email me and ask me to send you pictures of each plant for sale. When you have chosen the plant you want, come buy it during our plant sale or make an appointment for a special date and time.

A five digit inventory number (As of November 11, 2006 Note if the inventory # is underlined its a link to a picture) is painted on each pot (above the plant name) as I pot or transplant from our fields into pots in the spring.

The name of the plant is painted on the side of the pot under the inventory number.

A 3 digit crop number is painted on the side of the pot under the name and is included to help identify the variety. Information about each of our plants should be obtainable by clicking on the name in one of our master lists. Click here for a picture of one of our pots showing the inventory number, plant name and crop number.

The numbers that follow the X each represent one plant potted into a 7 gallon pot in stock for sale as of the last inventory. The fall inventory should be done by December 31. The Spring inventory is done as I pot bare root roses or transplant from our fields into pots in the spring.

As I sell the numbered plants I'll erase the 5 digit inventory numbers from the following list (the inventory number is painted on the pot so I can write it on the receipt). Click on the plant name below for available pictures.

#132 SERVICEBERRY Amelanchier canadensis 'Glennform' X 10-079, 10-080, 10-210, 10-211, 10-212, 10-213, 10-214, 10-215, 10-216, 10-217, 10-218, 10-219 (12 plants in stock as of 9/14/06)

zone3_white flowers in spring_16' x 16'_foliage gradually changes through a rainbow of colors from green in summer to red in autumn.

I have several left in 5 gallon. Watch for inventory numbers.

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