Scottish Roses Rosa pimpinellifolia or Rosa spinosissima. If these pictures don't open click here. Further explanation.

30) 'Harisons Yellow', Harison's Yellow, Harrison's Yellow, Hybrid spinosissima rose or Hybrid Foetida Rose , (persian rose (foetida) x scotch rose (spinnosissima)) Rose, zone3, 8'x8', not-recurrent, yellow, 1/1(1995), (Rosa foetida 'Persian Yellow' x Rosa spinosissima, Intoduced in 1830) went west with the covered wagons, My mothers was taken from her mothers garden in east Texas, 2.5 inch yellow flowers in spring with no repeat, around 10 feet tall x 10 feet wide, zones 3 to 8, tolerates some shade, likes poor soil, put this one in the back of the border water it in drought and give it an occasional dose of miracle grow and you will be amazed. Hybrid is: Lord Penzance, ("The Encyclopedia of Roses" McKeon, 117, zones 3-8), ("The Art of Gardening with Roses", 13), ("Roses Of America" Scanniello, 45), (Taylor's Guides "Roses" Ondra, page 50, zones 3-9), (Doing well in zone 4 Westerlo, NY),, Yellow Rose of Texas, yellow foetida x spinosissima, up to 10 feet tall and wide, 1/1(1999), Introduced in 1830 many pioneers headed west in their Prairie Schooners picked this rose up in Manhatten. When they built their log cabins or soddies everywhere they planted it nearby. Today many of these homes are no longer in existence but many a Harisons Yellow Rose is still growing where they were planted. Check on my index page for a good picture of one of these. Then when its in bloom (flowers on old wood only) travel around looking for others. Harison 1830-P

59) 'STANWELL PERPETUAL' Hybrid Scotch Rose (spinnosissima changed to pimpinellifolia), zones 3-8, 3.5'x3.5', pink double flowers, recurrent, fff, 0/0(1999), Hybrid pimpinellifolia, Hybrid Spinnosissima (why all the big words? Botanists just keep changing the names, I have included as much as I can so that you recognize its the same rose), 3.5 feet x 3.5 feet, shade tolerant, zones 3 to 8, Introduced 1838, double flush pink flowers with gold stamens, highly fragrant, repeats until frost, Stanwell Perpetual ("The Encyclopedia of Roses" McKeon, 180, zones 3-8, DR-0/0), ("Growing Roses Organically" Wilde, 175, zones 4-10, DR-0/0), ("Roses Of America" Scanniello, 45), ("Classic Roses" Beales, 145), pink, 5x5, fff, hybrid spinosissima (1838), Lee1838

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