Orders; Each year I try to obtain cuttings or plants from Lilacs, Old garden Roses, Native Azaleas, etc. so we can grow them for sale or take cuttings from them for future sales. Below is a list of plants I ordered each year with the date I should receive them. Remember, Roses and Lilacs wont be for sale until they have flowered, Blueberry bushes wont be for sale until they are a year old, etc.

Orders for 2013 below here!

1 'Crested Moss' also called 'Chapeau de Napoleon' for propagation we plan to plant these in rectangular raised beds and, after pegging down the branches, ground layer them.

1 Felicite Parmentier for propagation

1 rosarie de l'Hay for propagation

1 Pauls Himalayan Musk for propagation

50 Znamya Lenina to be grown for several years until they start to flower then serll them retail.

50 Violetta

50 President Poincaire

50 Bluecrop Blueberry bushes V. corymbosum

100 Vaccinium angustifolium to be potted in 1 gallon pots and sold both mail order and during the sale.

200 Pinxterbloom Azalea to be planted in volcanoes

20 'Bosc' Pear trees to espalier train

Orders for 2012 below here!

Heel cuttings I took July 11, 2012

Rosa alba Semi Plena

Rose de Rescht


Roseraie de L'hay


John Davis

4 Seasons

Leda Painted Damask

Fru Dagmar Hastrup

Amelie Gravereaux

Heel cuttings I took July 5, 2012

164 Comte de Chambord

4 Apothecarys Rose

148 York and Lancaster

188 Hippolyte

3 American Pillar

186 Francois Juranville

Prairie Princess

Super Dorothy

12 Celsiana Damask

Mrs Anthony Waterer

Rosa moyesii 'Geranium'

Heel cuttings I took 6/25/2012




City of York


Seven Sisters

Harisons Yellow

Rhododendrons and Azaleas ordered 2012 to be sold for $6 each in 3 gallon, $30 each in 7 gallon.

Pinxterbloom Azalea

Rhododendron maximum with Red flowers

Lilacs ordered for 2012

50 Congo Lilac 2 inch size not to be sold until they bloom

50 Edward J Gardner 2 inch size not to be sold until they bloom

50 Katherine Havemeyer 2 inch size not to be sold until they bloom

50 Monge 2 inch size not to be sold until they bloom

30 Syringa microphylla 'Superba'

Congo Lilac for propagation

De Mirabel Lilac for propagation

Murillo Lilac for propagation

Violetta Lilac for Propagation

Znamya Lenina for propagation

Zulu Lilac for propagation

Blueberry Bushes ordered for 2012

Bluejay not to be sold until 2013

Blueray not to be sold until 2013

Roses 2012 for propagation this year and for sale once they bloom

1 Leverkusen to be potted in 25 gallon for propagation

5 Amelie Gravereaux

5 Souvenir de Philemon Cochet

5 Celsiana

5 Comte de Chambord

5 Duc de Cambridge

5 Kazanlik

1 Panachee de Lyon to be potted in 25 gallon for propagation

1 Rose of Castile to be potted in 25 gallon for propagation

5 York and Lancaster

1 Agathe Incarnata to be potted in 25 gallon for propagation

5 Alain Blanchard

5 Apothecary Rose

1 Belle de Jardins to be potted in 25 gallon for propagation

5 Ombree Parfaite

5 Surpasse Tout

1 Williams Double Yellow to be potted in 25 gallon for propagation

Rose cuttings taken in 2011 to be returned from greenhouse in 2012 not to be sold until the flower.

094) AGNES Hybrid Rugosa Rose, R. rugosa x R. foetida, 7/19/2011

005) Autumn Damask, Four Seasons, Rose des Quatre Saisons, Rose of Castille, 7/11/2011

006) 'BASYE'S PURPLE' Hybrid Rugosa Rose, 7/11/2011

118) CAMAIEUX Hybrid Gallica Rose, 7/5/2011

014) 'CITY_OF_YORK'_Climber, 7/11/2011

134 Crested Moss, 7/19/2011

20) 'DORTMUND'_Hybrid Kordesii CL 7/26/2011

23) 'FANTIN_LATOUR'_Old Centifolia Rose, 7/5/2011, 7/11/2011

25) 'FRU_DAGMAR_HASTRUP'_Hybrid Rugosa Rose 7/5/2011, 7/26/2011

28) 'GERANIUM'_Hybrid Moyesii Rose, 7/26/2011

139 Great Maidens Blush, or Cuisse de Nymphe or Nymph's Thigh or La Virginale or La Seduisante or The Seductress or Incarnata or Maidens Blush, 7/19/2011

30) 'Harisons Yellow', Harison's Yellow, Harrison's Yellow, 7/19/2011

200 'Hebes Lip' 7/26/2011

102) JENS MUNK Hybrid Rugosa Rose, 7/19/2011

158) La Belle Sultane or Violacea, 7/26/2011

140 leverkusen, 7/26/2011

215 Marie Bugnet 7/26/2011

218 Mme Georges Bruant 7/19/2011

35) 'MADAM_HARDY'_Old Damask Rose, 7/19/2011

40) 'NEW_DAWN'_CL. 7/26/2011

51) Roseraie de l'hay Hybrid Rugosa Rose, 7/5/2011

143 Schneekoppe, Schneekopf, Snow Pavement 7/11/2011

144 Schneezwerg, Snow Dwarf (R. rugosa x R. bracteata) Hybrid Rugosa Rose, 7/19/2011

106) TRIGINTIPETALA (KAZANLIK) Damask Rose, 7/26/2011

207 'Tuscany' 7/11/2011

67) 'ZEPHERINE DROUHIN' (Bourbon) Climbing Rose, 7/11/2011

Every year, in early spring we cut back many plants in 25 gallon pots in order to produce viablle cutting material in July. We send cuttings to a greenhouse where the will be rooted and grown overwinter in a protected environment. The following year we usually plant the cuttings three to a pot in a three gallon pot. They wont be sold until they flower and have a locking tag attached that identifies the variety. They also wont ever again be overwintered inside a greenhouse.