Label10 are pictures taken of the flowers on plants at Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm

Labels are attached to each plant just before it is photographed for the first time. Each label is yellow and has an individual inventory number and our web address for my home page at

The inventory numbers are used in the file name the picture is stored under in the computer or referenced in the catalog. Because we dont sell plants until they bloom our customers dont buy unless they are satisfied that the one they are buying is the one they want. Many of the 45 gallon potted plants aren't for sale but if you are interested, ask (some are). Links to more Rose inventory pages at bottom.

If the pictures below dont open return to the labels page here. Clicking on the picture of the flower should take you to a page with more information.

10536 New Dawn

10537 New Dawn


10541picture.jpg Rugosa hybrid Delicata

10545 'Henry Kelsey'

10546 'Henry Kelsey'

10547 'Henry Kelsey'

10549 'Henry Kelsey'

10552 Roseraie de l'Hay

10555 Prairie Princess

10557 'Prairie Princess'





10570picture.jpg Rotesmeer Hybrid Rugosa Rose

10571 'Rotesmeer' or 'Purple Pavement' Hybrid Rugosa Rose

10574 'Rotesmeer' or 'Purple Pavement' Hybrid Rugosa Rose

10577 Belle Poitevine?

10578picture.jpg Belle Poitevine Hybrid Rugosa Rose





Above is 10584

10589 Rosarium Uetersen When there's only 1 I cant sell it but have to keep it totake cuttings from.

10590 Leverkusen

10592 Leverkusen in 45 gallon Not for Sale

10594 Leverkusen

10600 Hippolyte

10602 'Hippolyte' gallica

10603 hippolyte

10605 Celestial, Celeste Alba Rose

10608 Celestial, Celeste Alba Rose

10609 Celestial, Celeste Alba Rose

10610 Felicite parmentier

10615 Rosa centifolia

10616 Rosa centifolia

10617 Rosa centifolia

10618 Rosa centifolia

10619 Rosa centifolia

10620 Belle de Crecy

10621 Belle de Crecy

10622 Belle de Crecy

10623 Belle de Crecy

10610 Alberic Barbier

10631 Alberic Barbier

10632 Alberic Barbier

10634 Alberic Barbier

10642 'Stanwell Perpetual'

10644 'Stanwell Perpetual' One of our propagation plants that isn't for sale until I have others.

10645 'Stanwell Perpetual'


10659 Celsiana Damask Rose


10662 Konigin von danemark

10664 Konigin Von Danemark

10665 Konigin Von Danemark