INV16 or INVENTORY #16 at the Flowering Shrub Farm in Voorheesville, NY.

As plants flower I will take a closeup of that flower with a date in the picture and post it here using the inventory number for the plant as the file name. As they are sold I will delete the picture file from my web site so it disappears here.

10176hansa 'HANSA' Hybrid Rugosa Rose

10888label is probably Cardinal de Richelieu. Own root from my propagation.

10888picture is probably 'Cardinal de Richelieu' 'CARDINAL de RICHELIEU' Hybrid Gallica

11358hansa 'HANSA' Hybrid Rugosa Rose

10575bellepoitevine 'BELLE POITEVINE' Hybrid Rugosa Rose

10570rotesmeer Rotes Meer or Purple Pavement Hybrid Rugosa Rose

10571rotesmeer Rotes Meer or Purple Pavement Hybrid Rugosa Rose

10573rotesmeer Rotes Meer or Purple Pavement Hybrid Rugosa Rose


10622picture Belle de Crecy?

10719picture is 'Cornelia' Hybrid Musk Rose 'Cornelia'

10808mmehardy 'MADAM HARDY' Damask Rose

11170lichtkoniginlucia I'm not happy with the hardiness of this rose and so we will stop having it soon. Lichkonigin Lucia

11181nymphsthigh 'Great Maidens Blush'

11182nymphsthigh 'Great Maidens Blush'

11196harisonsyellow 'Harisons Yellow'

11514rosederescht Rose de Rescht, Portland Rose,

11515williambaffin 'William Baffin' Explorer Rose

11517labellesultane La Belle Sultane or Violace Hybrid Gallica Rose

11518pinkdouble unknown at this time own root from my propagation.

11518label I will overwrite these pictures sometime when I get better pictures

10540 delicata

10603 Hippolyte

10622 Belle de Crecy

10672 Ispahan

10673 Ispahan

11166 Rugelda

11167 Rugelda

11523 Apothecary's Rose

11520 Konigin Von Danemark

11516 Fimbriata

11525 to 11530 below are the result of dividing a couple pots of Konigin Von Danemark cuttings I stuck in 2005. They wont be for sale until at least next year but the 7 gallon pots are growing in the sales area.



11526 Konigin Von Danemark

11527 label

11527 Konigin Von Danemark


11528 Konigin Von Danemark


11529 Konigin Von Danemark

11530 label

11530 Konigin Von Danemark