For Sale (maybe) at the flowering shrub farm in Voorheesville, NY 12186 where I propagate and grow small numbers of plants to sell retail mostly mail-order. Check the date in the lower right hand corner of each picture to see when I took it. Click the picture for a larger image you can study more closely or save as wallpaper.

floweringcropagincourtbeautysmall.jpg, floweringcropnadezhdasmall.jpg

In spring lilacs in the field flower and we sell them at the plant sale. The following March we divide those that did not sell and pot them into 1 or 3 gallon pots (the 3 gallons go back to the field and the 1 gallons get sold). When I dont have a picture I'll save one of a building, a village street, maybe the potting shed or really large plants we take cuttings from, etc.

lilacsbymailsmall.jpg, lilacsbymail2small.jpg

I take pictures of the 1 gallon divisions with price stickers on them so people can buy them mail order. I place two pictures next to each other so I can take a close picture of half the table in each picture. I rewrite this page frequently so if I explained that awkwardly next time maybe I will get it right.

rosesbymailsmall.jpg, rosesbymail2small.jpg

In spring we will fertilize roses with bloombuster trying to get them to flower. Once they flower I attach a yellow label with the variety name on it (if I dont have the name on the label its on the pot) and if the plant is two years old stick on the price sticker that shows its for sale. I over-write these pictures all mixed together just before I put them away for the winter, then in spring start to over-write them around once a week as I add price stickers to them.

rosesbymail3small.jpg, rosesbymail4small.jpg

availableblueberrysmall.jpg, availableblueberry2small.jpg

rosebaybymailsmall.jpg, pinxterbloombymailsmall.jpg

No price sticker? Not for sale yet.