Anyone planning to come to our Plant Sale from any distance will want to schedule other visits in the region for the same time. The following are some of those I've checked out and include nurseries that sell plants I dont.

Arnold Arboretum in Boston, MA

Saturday 7/24/99 Left Voorheesville in morning for Boston, MA

Stayed at Holiday Inn, Dedham, MA (cost for the four of us by commuter rail to Boston round trip was $9.

Sunday 7/25 visited Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University 125 Arborway, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 phone (617) 524-1718. 265 acre arboretum designed by Olmstead (designer of NYC Central Park). 7000 different kinds of woody plants. open dawn to dusk all year with free admission. I got sunstroke so we only saw up to and including the rose garden (my kind of rose garden, mostly species with nice design). I loved it and look forward to going again some time in future.

Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA

Monday Morning 7/26 went to Franklin Park Zoo at 1 Franklin Park Rd. Boston, MA 02121 (phone (617) 541-lion) adults $6, children 2 to 15 $3, Seniors $5.

Entered by way of the zebra entrance at 10:00 AM

Plymouth, MA

Monday afternoon went to Plymouth, MA.

Shipside restaurant.

Returned home by 10 PM.

The book I used was 'Kids Explore Boston' by Susan D. Moffat published by Bob Adams Inc in Holbrook MA-1994. I bought it at Barnes & Noble for $10.95

August 21, 1999

Included was a brochure of events at the Arboretum and a sample of their magazine 'Arnoldia' available for subscription $20.

MINEKILL STATE PARK next to the New York Power Authority's Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Project.

August 27, 2000

Route 7 west to central bridge, route 30 south through Schoharie and Middleberg to Mine Kill State Park. Located next to the New York Power Authority's Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Project.

Mine Kill consists of 500 acres overlooking the lower reservoir of this hydroelectric resource. Mine Kill Falls, nature trails, picnic areas, concerts, access to the lower reservoir for motorboating and waterskiing, an olympic size swimming pool, fishing for bass, trout and walleye, much more.

Call the park office for more information at (518) 827-6111 or the Schoharie County Chamber of Comerce at 1-800-418-4748.

National Historical Park and the battlefields in Saratoga, NY

July 31, 2000

After leaving Yaddo we recrossed the northway and proceded down 9P to the national historical park and the battlefields.

A tour of the battlefields consisting of a one lane road 9 miles in length with 10 stops at Freeman Farm, Neilson Farm on Bemis Heights, The American River Fortifications, Chatfield Farm, Barber Wheatfield, Balcarres Redoubt, Breymann Redoubt, Burgoyne's Headquarters, The Great Redoubt and The Frazier Burial site. There is a great view of the Hudson from the Great Redoubt (picture above in collage?). There are good hiking paths and the road would be a wonderful road bike tour for the kids.

Lots of wildflowers.

Write to Superintendent of the Saratoga National Historical Park, 648 Rt. 32, Stillwater NY 12170-1604 for more info. or call 518-664-9821

YADDO IN SARATOGA, NY - July 31, 2000, YADO NEAR ALBANY (some searches have been misspelled this way).

Went north from Albany, afternoon of monday, july 31, 2000.

Left northway at exit 14.

The exit ramp curves to the right coming almost full circle before crossing the Northway. There were many cars on the left hand side of route 9P where they had parked free with a half mile walk or so up hill to the Saratoga race track.

Immediately upon seeing the parked cars there is a left hand turning lane and the entrance to Yaddo (tours available 584-0746).

Yaddo, supported by a million dollar portfolio, was left by its owner Mrs Trask, to be a "residence and retreat for persons actually and usefully engaged in artistic and creative work."

I was amazed to see a picture of Aaron Copland from 1930. Many other people, I recognize the name of, were there.

The residence is off limits but the gardens are open to the public. Signs indicate where you can't go and where you can.

try this link to a photo tour of yaddo:

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