Van Cleve, Vancleve, Butt, Hinckley, (click picture for a larger image).

Donald Ritchie Van Cleve, Donald R.Van Cleve, Donald Van Cleve, Don Van Cleve Sr.

Born in Tacoma, Washington on November 27, 1908

His brothers all deceased were Ferdinand, Richard and Howard.

Educated at The University of Washington

Studied French Literature, philosophy and law.

Married to Julia M. West (1918-1995) around 1938.

Served in U.S. Army during WWII

He taught at State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany retiring in 1975

Died in Voorheesville, NY on July 3, 2003

descendents include; Don Van Cleve Jr. (son), Andrew Van Cleve (son), Julia M. Van Cleve (granddaughter), Sarah L. Van Cleve (granddaughter).

Last updated December 2010

Other relatives: William Van Cleve in Arkansas, Judy Van Cleve in Washington, below is a picture of Bill from around 70 years ago

I will put collages of pictures from the Van Cleve family archive for those who wish to copy them here and change the collage every once in a while. From the left to right is Bill Van Cleve and his horse Izzy (2 pictures taken recently), then another of Bill taken around 70 years ago on the Farm, then Col. Hinkley from a painting of him hanging in our house (probably from the 1860's), then Great Grandpa Hinkley the last picture.

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