Transplanting from one pot into another slightly larger at the Flowering Shrub Farm in Voorheesville, NY. 12186

Rooted cuttings of Lilacs are usually potted directly into a 3 gallon pots to be placed in the field the following year.

Sometimes though we have to many plants to repot and not enough hands to pot them. Then we transplant into a one gallon and place them in a holding area until they can go into a three gallon.

A number for that variety is painted on the side of the pot. Underneath each number we sometimes have a letter that shows the potting mix. C stands for compost etc.

in 2005; #3 was 'President Poincaire', #4 is 'Agincourt Beauty', #7 is 'Sarah Sands', #14 is 'Forest Kresser Smith'. I still find them in one gallons that have to be repotted.

Azaleas including Pinxterbloom, Flame and Swamp Azalea are transplanted directly into a seven gallon grip lip pot to be grown pot-in-pot. Three of each variety are grown together in each pot.

I make a sign for each crop that shows the variety name and when fertilized (month/year). The sign is placed among that varieties pots in such a way as to be easy to photograph.

Roses are taken as cuttings and stuck up to twenty together in a three gallon pot. Those that root may be grown together for several years until there is time to divide them and repot in a 7 gallon to be grown pot-in-pot.