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Site selection for Rhododendrons, Roses,

Rhododendron Site Selection:

Ideal conditions include;

low pH, moisture retentive but well drained soil, no salt or nematodes, northern exposure, in shade, out of the wind.

A careful site analysis to determine pH, drainage, presence of salt & nematodes is best done before planting.

A northern exposure allows less direct light so growth slows early in fall and prevents early spring warming, plants growing in the shade of trees will enter dormancy earlier and respond to warming later, If a Rhododendron is in an unsheltered eastern or southern exposure there is more bud damage caused by early morning sun touching frozen leaves or flowers (a condition similar to sunscald), avoid planting at the bottom of a hill where frost can damage plants and in windy areas provide a wind break.

Rhododendron article

Rose Site Selection:

Most modern Repeat flowering roses need; 6 hours of sun, a well drained good garden soil with a pH 6.5, adequate fertility and moisture.

Once blooming roses may require somewhat less some actually preferring a poor soil and others tolerating shade to a greater or lesser extent.

Don't plant where another rose has been.

When amending the soil it is best to prepare beds not holes.

Amend like for a vegetable garden. I find that I can grow really great tomatoes in my rose beds. If those tomatoes get blossom end rot many roses wont do well.

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