I may be having lunch, getting coffee or watering some of our plants at a different location; try calling my cell phones at;

518-526-9101 or 518-526-9978

I may be just 5 minutes away but if I am eating I may need a bit more time to get here. The best bet is to give me a call before you arrive but by all means any questions about the plants we sell between 8 AM and 8 PM give me a call.

We grow for sale (note sizes and prices at bottom):

Disease Resistant Roses including; Hybrid Rugosa Roses, Explorer Roses, old garden roses, Rambler and Climbing Roses

Old Garden Roses introduced before the Civil War including select varieties of; alba roses, gallica roses, damask roses and centifolia or moss roses.

Native Pinxterbloom Azalea (R. periclymenoides)

Rosebay Rhododendron (R. maximum)

French Lilacs or Syringa vulgaris with double flowers

Lilacs with flowers that look purple even when the flower may actually be magenta, red purple, purple, violet or lavender

Espalier trained Apple or Pear Trees

Native Lowbush blueberry plants (V. angustifolium)

Native Highbush blueberry plants (V. corymbosum)

and more.....

Plants are sold in one gallon pots for $6 to $8, three gallon pots for $10 to $25, 7 gallon pots for $30, 15 gallon pots for $50 and 25 gallon pots for $100. Most of what we sell is in 7 gallon size or smaller. 25 gallon and larger are usually used for display and propagation. We wont sell the last one of any variety but will retain it for propagation.