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My mother who was born in Lufkin, Texas used these two;

"You wouldn't give me the sweat out of your armpits if I were dying of thirst."

My quick, smartass responce to that was; "Sure Mom, I'll give you all the armpit sweat you want."

At which she would answer;

"It will be a cold day in August before I do anything for you again."

I was at the Golden Corral on Central Ave last night for Supper and a man visiting here from England submitted this one;

"If you break your legs dont come running to me!"

That while waggling the finger in time to the words.

More later if I remember.

Below is something different.

"A corporation is a pirate ship enabling its captain and crew to despoil the general populace without fear of reprisal from the duly constituted authorities whos job it would otherwise be to protect them."

I like this quote. If the pirate ship begins to sink the captain and crew can steal another ship and continue to operate as usual because they apear to be different.

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