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Click the picture for a larger image where you can read what is written on the side of each pot.

In July I take cuttings to root in a greenhouse. I note in the disease resistant rose catalog how many cuttings I took for each year (LINK BELOW). The following spring we pot the rooted cuttings in 3 gallon pots (I note the variety name I think it is with a paint pen and the year it was planted on the side of the pot). The following July while I am again taking cuttings we prune the Rooted Cuttings in 3 gallon pots back to 3 leaves (we fertilize each month with espoma rose tone).

When plants flower I attach a label with the crop number, variety name and date the plant was first introduced. I sell plants based on how many years have passed since they were propagated, how well branched, how large the root ball is, and how many I have left ($8 to $24). When they are more than two or three years old they are repotted into a 7 gallon pot for $30.


Today (7/19/2012) I sold a bunch of New Dawns and a Fantin Latour for $8 each. To try to figure what I will have in this size next year look in my disease resistant rose catalog. I note how many rose cuttings I sent to the greenhouse at the end of each description highlighted in red as follows (2012, 35).