Label08 are pictures taken of the flowers on plants at Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm

Labels are attached to each plant just before it is photographed for the first time. Each label is yellow and has an individual inventory number and our web address for my home page at

The inventory numbers are used in the file name the picture is stored under in the computer or referenced in the catalog. Because we dont sell plants until they bloom our customers dont buy unless they are satisfied that the one they are buying is the one they want. Many of the 45 gallon potted plants aren't for sale but if you are interested, ask (some are). Links to more Rose inventory pages at bottom.

If the pictures below dont open return to the labels page here. Clicking on the picture of the flower should take you to a page with more information.

rosehedge01.jpg I'm creating a rose hedge between me and Stewarts next door. Lilacs in pots on right roses in pots on left with cane tied onto the chainlink fence. We plan to fill the path with ten inches of bark mulch. Both old garden roses and modern climbers are being tied to the fence. I'll take a picture everytime I'm doing inventory pictures so it will be updated to the latest inventory.