Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm in Voorheesville, NY 12186

I grow plants that are locally hardy, disease resistant and fragrant to sell mail-order in 1 gallon pots. When they outgrow their pots we transplant them into 3 gallon or 7 gallon pots that might be purchased and picked up at the nursery during the plant sale or by appointment.

We grow FRENCH LILACS (lilacs with double flowers), and Lilacs with flowers that look purple (though they may actually be purple, magenta, violet or lavender), OLD GARDEN ROSES (alba rose, gallica rose, damask rose or centifolia rose), DISEASE RESISTANT MODERN ROSES (Shrubs, Hybrid rugosa, Hybrid Musk, Climbers and Ramblers), NATIVE PINXTERBLOOM AZALEA (seedlings or rooted cuttings), BLUEBERRY BUSHES (Highbush Vaccinium corymbosum, Lowbush V. angustifolium and half highs that are hybrids of both), ESPALIER TRAINED FRUIT TREES (a very old way of training fruit trees onto trellis), and more. I also buy plants, that customers have asked me for, from liner nurseries in 3 inch pots that I will at first make available in those liners for $5 each, then later transplant into 1 gallon pots for $15 each.

We sell our big plants in bloom. So if you like LILACS come in MAY. But if you like ROSES come in June (I photograph them in bloom and save the picture on my web site in my picture-newsletter. ESPALIER TRAINED FRUIT TREES are best purchased while they are being trained in Summer. If you aren't sure when something is available for sale subscribe to the newsletter on my web page at;


People track what I am doing and what new plants I may have for sale by checking my newsletter. I add new pictures of flowers, fruit and foliage of the plants we grow to the picture-newsletter almost every week all year. Click on this month on my home page to see what the nursery looks like now and what the plants look like. Click other months to see what they looked like then.


Albany County is within Zone 5 but surrounded by Zone 4. We grow our plants outdoors without fungicide in several locations around Voorheesville, then bring them to 40 Voorheesville Ave just before we plan to sell them. Much of my year has to be spent propagating plants so I am available to sell big plants only from May 15 to July 4; 10 AM to 2 PM or by appointment. To make an appointment; EMAIL me at or call me on my cell phone at either 518-526-9101 or 518-526-9978.


So watch the Pictures in my Newsletter to know when the plant you want is in bloom and then come and buy it.