Hibiscus is a list of Rose of Sharon, Shrub Althea (Hibiscus syriacus) propagated and grown by Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm with links to pictures (when available). One of the pictures shows the a sign with the quantity available for sale in a 7 gallon pot for $30 on green dot. No colored dot? None for sale. I wont sell any hibiscus that isn't flowering or that hasn't previously bloomed proving the variety. As they flower I will add a number to a colored dot. Click for larger image. yellow dot is 15 gallon for $50. Click the picture for a larger image. Last edited July, 2011

068) 'Colly Mullen'

Commonly called Shrub Althea or Rose of Sharon

No interesting ornamental fruits, its foliage does not turn color in the fall, but it blooms in late summer to early fall when most other woody plants are not in bloom.

First brought to USA before 1790

Listed in European Nurseries since the 1500's.

Native of China and India.

Young plants are less winter hardy than older plants and should be given special winter protection for several years after planting.

At Azalea House I have found that many plants benefit from Having a tough deciduous shrub between it and the winter sun in the south and east (I use spiraea 'Gold flame'; 3'x3'). It certainly can prevent sunscald and provide a hardy windbreak.

One of the first plants to show lack of water in summer, keep it in a well drained fertile soil and water regularly.

A large number of the varieties are not very different from each other.

I believe that the newer cultivars are not superior.

If left alone without pruning flowers are plentiful if smewhat small. Tipping the branches back (cutting the tips off) so that only 3 buds remain on each shoot in early spring before it leafs out can result in a crop of much larger flowers ( it blooms on new wood). Propagation is from heel cuttings in July and August (semi-mature).

The plant leafs out in spring quite late. Many years I start hearing how this one died or that one died and my own haven't leafed out yet. Later in the season when mine started leafing out many have already replaced them. I think if they had just let them go they would have leafed out too.

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