Cards and Contacts Scroll down for a local woodworker, brush cutter, lawn care specialist, forager, Snow plow, etc. (The dog picture is of my daughter Sarah's dog Maggie). SEED COMPANIES listed at bottom. Last edited: Tuesday, June 23, 2015

J&J Custom Farm Work. John Petkovsek and Jean Petkovsek owner/operators. 144 Peckville Road, Little Falls, NY 13365. Phone (315) 823-3207 {John}, (315) 823-1417 {Jean}. John said to me if you have seen a field of corn in the Voorheesville area you've probably seen one we disked, harrowed and planted. Big equipment.

Virus protection for free. Go to the Sienna College Computer Security web site and download a free copy of AVG free. AVG markets its software for commercial applications but provides a form of antivirus free to individuals who need personal computer security. Isn't that nice? So all of you who cant afford to pay for it can get it free.

Met Linda Cross Friday night (11/26/05) at Barnes & Noble. We exchanged cards. As always I asked if I could post it here and she said yes. Cripplebush Valley Crafter, Hand and machine sewn crafts, Schoharie Valley Blanket, Garlic, Lamb. Linda K. Cross, 288 Saddlemire Hill Road, Sloansville, NY 12160. Telephone: 518-868-9303

Stopped at the book store the other day (October 30, 2005) and met John H. Briant the author of the Adirondack Detective Series. His website is at .

John Deere Collector, Buy-Sell-Trade Antique J.D. Tractor & Equipment, Lawen & Garden, Chester Brush, 265 SR 143, Westerlo, NY 12193. Phone 518-797-3113 (Met Chester at The Voorhesville Diner and he said OK to putting his card info here July 12, 2005.

Curling Stone Farm, Lyn MacIntosh (phone 518-765-2211), 5799 Depot Road, County Route 201. One mile east of Guilderland Center and one mile west of Voorheesville. Greenhouse, Gifts, Bedding Plants, Perennials, Container Arrangements/Garlic. Floral design by appointment.

Sky's Native American Art. Call anytime, his answering machine is always on. 518-439-2675. I met him at the gas station and he gave me his card.

Findlay Cockrell, Pianist and Teacher (518-442-4165), Performing Arts Center B-02, University at Albany (S.U.N.Y.)

MRI Mediamark Research Inc., Stephen C. Weller, Manager Custom Data Processing, 75 Ninth Avenue, 5th floor, New York, NY 10011. (212-884-9214, 212-884-9339),

YF or Yonder Farms at the intersection of Albany Street and Route 155 in Colonie, NY. 518-456-6823.

Stephen Scanniello is as of February 2005 The President of The Heritage Rose Foundation.

Stephen Scanniello says the best mailorder location to find roses grafted on Rosa multiflora rootstock (virus free) is

If you really have to purchase roses mailorder go to David Austin Roses Limited at every rose I've ever got from them was of the finest quality.

My father passed away July 3, 2003:

This is copied from cards presented to me, or the web pages of friends or contact information I want to keep. You might find them useful too.

Email Azalea House at

Town of New Scotland

Wolf Hill Woodworking Timeless Treasures In Wood 518-872-1390 54 Gulf Hill Rd, Voorheesville, NY 12186 Handcrafted puzzles-Doll Houses-Hardwood Novelties-Religious Items-Wholesale and Retail-Mail order. I saw Ron at the Plum Fest in Voorheesville in September 2004.

GG or Greer Gardens rare plant retail in the northwest web page catalog at

All Terrain brush cutting, Front mounted brushcutter raises 15 feet, 17 feet over the rail boom mower, mini excavator, Herb Broestler phone (518) 692-9074 Lists of Roses, Gardens, Supliers and more. Azalea House is listed there as a supplier. Check out some of everything around the world. Low carb internet page. You can find an outline of the research of Brown and Goldstein into the LDL receptor at this link available through the University of Texas but not available as a link from this page. here is a harvard based explanation of the LDL receptor. website for protein power fans (low carb). articles available on this website co=authored by M. Eades.,,vdd,00.html?arrivalSA=1&cobrandRef=0&arrival_freqCap=1&pba=adid=13618204 "no connection between cholestrol in food and cholestrol in blood" Neanderthal diet of Audette. Lipitor side affect?


FedEx at Kinkos 110 Wolf Rd. 518-482-9094 or fax 518-482-7447 email: 9 miles from Voorheesville, NY. Cobleskill Tractor Store. Everything (almost) for your farm. Cobleskill is around 30 miles from here but often this is the place to go. Check it out.

SteveBrill has written Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and not so Wild) Places, The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook and starred in the video/DVD Wild Edible Basics.

Foraging With the "Wildman"
Learn about edible and medicinal wild vegetables, herbs, greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms with NYC's favorite naturalist, "Wildman" Steve Brill. Find out about his public Wild Food and Ecology tours in local parks, and the work he does with kids. Read excerpts from his books, enjoy his botanical artwork and vegetarian recipes, and find out what happened after he was arrested and handcuffed by undercover NYC park rangers for eating a dandelion in Central Park!

5/15/99-Patterson Kennels (specializing in Weimaramers) in Selkirk, NY 12158 email at a webpage that allows you to access the speaches of people running for office indexed by word (11/3/99). programming for wamc radio. you can listen wherever you are. Of course, if you like what you here you should support them too.

CUSTOM CORNER Decorating your life. Carol McKee, Star Director. Email: work phone (518) 783-9785, Fax: (518) 783-9785 I met Carol at Albany Airport July of 2000 as she was waiting to fly away (8/20/00).

Thurlaston gardens a garden center in Cairo, NY. offering gift ideas, plants and more. Try it at:

DREAMSCAPE Spring and Fall cleanup. Lawn care. Insured. Small engine repair and service. Ask for Dave or Laura. (518) 765-9004. I talked to Dave about the cost of mowing my lawn. He answered the price would depend on the amount of weed wacking after mowing. He said many lawns can be done in around a half hour, with his equipment, and cost $30 (8/20/00).

SEED COMPANIES Thompson and Morgan Seed Co web page. Try this one out. Nice set up.

I dont like how long it takes for these pages to open but you might check them out.

Burpee introduced the Gloriosa daisy which is an easy hybrid of black-eyed susan. In my garden it often self sows. Burpee has a search engine you can look for gloriosa on. Many of the seeds of perennials that I like were introduced by Burpee so I have this link here.

Park Seed Company. Many of the vegetable gardeners I know swear by Park seed .

Alice in the media department at the Delmar Public Library

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