I am a BIG & FAT ( big and tall, tall and wide, shopping for a car) person shopping for a car that gets good gas mileage (30 mpg), is comfortable and fairly easy to get in and out of. I plan to show small pictures of each below, tell what kind and comment on any drawbacks. You can take it from there. Last edited July 11, 2010

I am 6 feet 6 inches tall with a 30 inch in seam making me long waisted. My waist size is 60. I weigh around 400 pounds.

MY rating system gives an X for each thing that makes it easier for a Tall and wide guy to get in, drive, and get out. I also add an X for 25 mpg or better and an X for all wheel drive so you dont get stuck in snow.

HONDA ELEMENT July 11, 2010; At first it was difficult to get in. Then I discovered there isn't any door post (X). You can open the front and back door (they open in the middle) at the same time and have this huge entryway. Once I got in there enough space to sit upright without banging my head (X), and fair comfort side to side (my knee leans comfortably sideways against the shifter which may be a plus too). The shifter is on the dashboard so even though there is a console it can be removed allowing those of us who are even wider than me plenty of side space (X). The steering wheel can be pushed up and down (X) or in and out (X) to make more "gut" space. Supposedly it gets around 25 mpg on highway (X) and has on demand 4 wheel drive (X). When its not in 4 wheel it has front wheel drive (X). I'll take a picture with the doors open when I'm there next. XXXXXXXX

SUBARU OUTBACK July 11, 2010; Not bad but it has the shifter on the console so you cant remove the console. The steering wheel tilts (X). All wheel drive (X). 25 mpg highway or better (X). Fair comfort and head room (X). XXXX Drawback is the console that can make it tight for us sideways endowed.


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